Get Out of Jail – Free!

Get Out of Jail – Free!

“All of us, at one time or other, feel a strong desire
for ‘peace instead of this’ as explained in
A Course in Miracles.

It is our futility that brings us face to face with reality.

Oh, we may ask for peace, but will we pay the price? Remember what Blaise Pascal said:

‘All of a man’s problems come from not being able to stay alone in a room by himself.’

We are addicts—all of us! I can tell you your addiction by what you do when you are alone, even for one minute. When people these days have to wait for a minute, they pick up the cell phone and make a call to fill the ‘air time.’ Many rush to a bottle, a cigarette or a drug. Others make jokes to get appreciation and favorable response. Others play on Facebook or Twitter. Few remain still and breathe in the peacefulness that stillness offers.

Yes, I know what people are thinking when I say this: ‘If you expect me to stand around doing nothing, this teaching isn’t for me.’

No, dear friend, my life is very full, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to be quiet and feel the serenity, the energy of love surrounding me. What I have done successfully through my life has been to prioritize my values. I make a keen effort to be certain that my motives reflect love and that my activities are based upon my highest sense of spiritual thought, not my need to be thought of as right. I choose a path based upon ‘walking my talk.’

The heart of any successful program is its integrity.

Your life is about your priorities, and if you value that which changes, dies, harms, or destroys above love-based ideals, you will always be poor, disappointed and frustrated. Gossip, criticism, judgmentalism, censure, ridicule, blame, complaint, worry, fear, and guilt, etc. are sure paths away from enlightenment, prosperity and peace.

Judgmentalism is your prison and your agenda is your death sentence.

Agendas bring failure consistently. The need to be in control guarantees failure. Sacred intentions bring the results you seek. We benefit greatly from a willingness to learn a new way of thinking that produces miracles, rather than reverting to fear and failure.”

Todd Puntolillo


Tell Me Todrite

Tell Me Todrite

I’ve begun a column where I answer questions.
Here is a sample of how I use common sense, metaphysics and psychology to help people find answers.

Tell Me Todrite:

Everywhere I go I am surrounded by idiots!
If I go to the supermarket, I find people who can’t function.
If I go to dinner, I find jerks waiting and in the kitchens.
How do we find peace in a world of morons?
Competent Guy – NYC

Dear Guy,
First of all, everyone is not thinking about your personal needs. It would be nice if everyone cleared their mind and focused only on what is important to you…
BUT…that isn’t going to happen.
So if you are upset because no one is doing what YOU want them to do….who is the one who needs to change his thinking?

I will agree that most people go through life without thinking about the consequences of their actions.
It is easiest to see on the highways and in traffic situations.
Selfishness reigns! This is sad, because …

Selfishness doesn’t serve anyone, not even the selfish person.

It is our job, in this lifetime, to get it right or suffer the consequences of negative or even hateful thinking.

The only correct mentality for a healthy mind is love and tolerance.

Most are too selfish to consider this path.
There are also those who talk like they think that way, but they can’t even tie their shoes.
Their words without a consciousness of wisdom and purpose, are just daydreams.

We might not change the world, but through love and sincerity we can change the one we have to live with 24 hours a day … ourselves.

THIS and this alone is our life’s task.

As more people see others living a wise, healthy life, they will be attracted to it.
Mostly people see Britney Spears, the Kardashians, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus and draw life conclusions from the rich, famous … and foolish.

This is how to waste your life.

Gratitude, Love, Wisdom, Kindness and Fearless pursuit of a higher way…THIS is the Path to a Rich, Full Life.

…or you can follow the losers and become one.

The process of opening one’s heart and surrendering to the Divine Spirit that dwells within us is truly magical!

Blessings on your path.

Todd Puntolillo