Tell Me Todrite – A Real Love Relationship

Tell Me Todrite - A Real Love Relationship

Tell Me Todrite is a feature where Todd Puntolillo (Wisdom of an Old Fool) shares his life experience in an effort to answer questions for people who have “hit the wall” and need help “seeing the light.”

Tell Me Todrite,

I really love and appreciate my man for all kinds of reasons.
We also have a sweet romantic side.
The problem is, I don’t have the fireworks going off like I expected.
Still wondering

Dear Wonderer,

No Fireworks? Good for you! That means nothing is going to blow up in your face!

When it comes to real love, don’t settle. Raise the bar.
You are not making a mistake seeking something higher
than gratification of the physical senses as your basis for a life plan.

Nature will take care of the senses. But first, realize that there is nothing boring about peace and joy.

Peace simply frees one’s mind for future adventures of the soul!

Life always supports us when we pursue something higher.
I have not found many people willing to give up the drama long enough to believe this message. I watch them with their broken hearts refusing to give up on the excitement of the “knight in shining armor rescuing the princess so they can live happily ever after fantasy.”

No one explained to them that a fairy tale is not the same as reality.

Can people find happiness with one partner for a lifetime and also maintain the excitement? Although anything is possible, I have never seen that scenario occur and last.

I have, however, seen many happy couples who, through acceptance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, develop a love that grows through the years. The physical excitement moderates, but it can also last a long, long time.

As far as I have seen, that is as good as it gets.

Inner beauty and warm, happy feelings seem to me to be quite high on the scale of human experience.

Eternal sparks? I think not.
Fantasy never is as good as the real thing!

Todd Puntolillo