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Tell Me Todrite

Tell Me Todrite

I’ve begun a column where I answer questions.
Here is a sample of how I use common sense, metaphysics and psychology to help people find answers.

Tell Me Todrite:

Everywhere I go I am surrounded by idiots!
If I go to the supermarket, I find people who can’t function.
If I go to dinner, I find jerks waiting and in the kitchens.
How do we find peace in a world of morons?
Competent Guy – NYC

Dear Guy,
First of all, everyone is not thinking about your personal needs. It would be nice if everyone cleared their mind and focused only on what is important to you…
BUT…that isn’t going to happen.
So if you are upset because no one is doing what YOU want them to do….who is the one who needs to change his thinking?

I will agree that most people go through life without thinking about the consequences of their actions.
It is easiest to see on the highways and in traffic situations.
Selfishness reigns! This is sad, because …

Selfishness doesn’t serve anyone, not even the selfish person.

It is our job, in this lifetime, to get it right or suffer the consequences of negative or even hateful thinking.

The only correct mentality for a healthy mind is love and tolerance.

Most are too selfish to consider this path.
There are also those who talk like they think that way, but they can’t even tie their shoes.
Their words without a consciousness of wisdom and purpose, are just daydreams.

We might not change the world, but through love and sincerity we can change the one we have to live with 24 hours a day … ourselves.

THIS and this alone is our life’s task.

As more people see others living a wise, healthy life, they will be attracted to it.
Mostly people see Britney Spears, the Kardashians, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus and draw life conclusions from the rich, famous … and foolish.

This is how to waste your life.

Gratitude, Love, Wisdom, Kindness and Fearless pursuit of a higher way…THIS is the Path to a Rich, Full Life.

…or you can follow the losers and become one.

The process of opening one’s heart and surrendering to the Divine Spirit that dwells within us is truly magical!

Blessings on your path.

Todd Puntolillo

The Colors of Your Life!

The Colors of Your Life!

Sketch and Post are by Todd Puntolillo

“When we arrived on earth we were given a life that was empty and meaningless.” In a human sense, we are born without opinions, fears, or prejudices. Like an artist’s canvas our life begins without color, purpose, composition or meaning. As we grow, we are influenced by people, attitudes, and events. Our reactions and the meanings we add to the events color our lives. Life itself is neutral. At times our canvas gets splattered with the mud of harsh human experience. It is wise at such times to step back and observe the appearances and our feelings, so we can move first into acceptance of the moment and thereafter into the creation of something more desirable.

There are those who, when terrified, might cover their canvas with dull grays so that they can blend into the background and avoid confrontation. Others will contrast their life with lights and darks and brilliant colors to give themselves a sense of purpose and self-worth. The latter will, most likely, produce a life of great character and satisfaction. The least desirable option is to decide that life is hard and that people are evil. This mind-set serves as an excuse to put away one’s creativity; to give up and leave the canvas unattended.

If the premise (that this life appears to be empty and meaningless) is correct, then it is significant that we were given three gifts at birth: intelligence, intuition, and free will. Having these gifts, we choose the artist brushes, palettes, and paints with which we color our experience. With these tools in hand, we can paint any scene we wish, from rain clouds to rainbows. There is no limit to the designs, shades, or intensities—the possibilities are limitless! The variables are our beliefs, attitudes, courage, desires…and inner guidance!

Life itself is nothing—but pure potential!

There is a story of a little boy, curious by nature, which came home from school after his first biology class and asked his mom, “Where did I come from?” The mother, quite embarrassed, summoned her composure and began explaining, in careful detail, the procreation process as best she could. After her long, nervous speech, the child exclaimed, “That’s cool, Mom! Billy said he came from Pittsburgh.”

The other consideration about “meaning” is that everyone has his or her own. The communication of facts can be tricky enough without people adding their own interpretations. We often suffer because of perceptions that were never the intention of the other party. An event occurs. For instance, a friend walks by without saying anything to you. It is what it is—nothing more, nothing less. You may perceive it to be a rejection when, in fact, he was merely preoccupied. The perceived meaning colors the events, but doesn’t change anything—except the way we have chosen to feel about it. The other option, accepting events without judgment or criticism, can bring about a feeling of peace and well-being. From this space we make better choices which will enable us to move through circumstances or conditions and create something fulfilling—even joyful!

Let’s remember that although we make the rules,
our actions and thoughts always have consequences.

Stuff happens. So what? It always will. Change your thinking and—shift happens!
Get out those brushes and paint your rainbow and while you’re at it, don’t forget to paint the pot of gold at the end!

Todd Puntolillo
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