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How I Met My Angel

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It was almost 8 years ago and I was in my early sixties, with two marriages (one of 10 years and one of 19) behind me. I was NOT thinking marriage.

While visiting my mom, she brought me to the home of her friend who had married a woman from the Philippines (a filipina). There had been other filipinas in my life as friends and I truly appreciated their sweetness.

I said to the husband, Gordon: “I couldn’t round up lady prospects on the internet like you did and then go there to pick one out and marry her … still, you did very well!”

All his wife heard was: “Todd wants to marry a filipina” — nothing like what I said.

She sent my info to the Philippines and it shuffled around until Merlyn’s aunt decided to give it to her and told her to send me her photo in a letter. Merlyn hesitated, but was obedient to her auntie.

I received this sweet note and photo and kindly explained to this 26 year old that I was much older, that she deserved a handsome young man and children as life offers the young.

She wrote me back: “A young man will have a young wife and look for another young woman … the older man will be satisfied with one young wife.”

I was taken aback and fascinated by someone who would say that. We became pen pals and wrote each other daily. She was certainly too good to be true! Soon I was calling her every night (her daytime 8000 miles away) and we were bonding beautifully. I was nearing retirement and asked her where we would live if we got together. She said: “We must live in the USA … you have an aging mother!”

Right, how stupid of me! How could I overlook this responsibility? (It was her character that sold me on her!)
I told her I had family to help and asked what she thought about Bali, the Philippines or Costa Rica. She said she would go anywhere to be with me.

I flew to Asia, saw her face and big sweet smile and melted. We discussed many important life issues and were in agreement on just about everything. Before leaving, I slipped a ring on her finger and promised to return home and petition her to come to the USA and marry me there.

We are married seven happy years. My family loves her and so do my friends.
Miracles can happen even after it appears to be too late.

Never give up hope. Life has endless resources!

Todd Puntolillo

Writer – Author


Are You Awake?

Sunday Sermonette -The meaning of Life

“Life is what we make believe it is. Nothing more.”
From — Yours—A Rich, Full Life! by Rev. Todd

What we need to know as humans starts simple and grows into something big and special.

As a small child, we would be served well if we were not taught that we were bad or stupid or dirty. What a harmful message just about every child received.

Another was, “No! Don’t do that!” This lead to “I can’t!” A truly useless affirmation!

Then we were taught “You better do what I said or you’re gonna get it when your father comes home!” This taught us “I gotta or I must.”

The poor child is going around with this in his/her head, “I gotta…but I can’t!”
What could incapacitate someone more than that brain chatter?

If we are blessed by someone, we learn to “Do the right thing.”
The insinuation is that you know what serves and what harms.
This gives you the power of choice.

Maybe you learned something about love, gratitude, respect, and trust in yourself
and your Creator. If so, you were blessed above most people.

If you later realized the need to give up resentment and fear and to replace them with love,
caring and forgiveness. With these tools in hand, you are a powerful being,
choosing the highest and best for all. This is the highest human life available,
this is wisdom and intelligence.

So is there more?
Yes, there is “Awareness.” This is the person who is said to have “Awakened.”
This life leads to the ultimate, which is Enlightenment.

These last two are not human wisdom. They are our association with the Divine
and can’t really be taught…but the very aspiration to be enlightened will take you on
a journey through mistakes and errors that will show you how to “Surrender.”

This is the last human step before Enlightenment…a place of pure bliss and freedom
that supersedes any possible human temporary happiness.

Where is your journey headed?
Toward ‘I gotta but I can’t’ or ‘I am filled with peace and joy?’

Pick your path wisely!


“The only contest we face on earth is the contest between fear and faith.
With fear, life is imprisonment. With faith, life is joyous and free. “

Remember: In the game of Life, who loves the most—WINS!

Todd Puntolillo
Author: “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”





Life is what we make believe it is. Nothing more.  How dare we judge another!


We have spent our entire lives perceiving information, judging it, categorizing and filing it.

Whether we sort laundry, file away last year’s tax records or plan a vacation, the process is the same.

We appear to be judgment-making robots. What’s more, we think we are right when,
in fact, there are no absolutes. What exists can be categorized simply as that which works for us
and that which does not—at this particular moment!

Obviously, a good choice for you might easily be a bad choice for me.
That doesn’t make you wrong or bad; nor does it make me right or good.

There are more than six and a half billion people living on this planet
and yet no two people live in the same world!

Instead of judging others, practice acceptance. We can overcome fear and judgment through love,
forgiveness, gratitude, letting go and trusting our eternal connection to the One—All There Is.

Always remember — “In the game of life, who LOVES the most — WINS!”

Todd Puntolillo

Author: “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!” 

Plus other books in English and Spanish