Peace and Happiness

My enlightened friend Christina wrote on her site, a very realistic look at people who are disappointed with life. The average person is so sucked into what everyone else thinks that they are afraid to do the wrong thing. Insanity and normality are becoming synonyms. We keep looking outside ourselves for joy.

Everything we like or dislike are choices that exist only within our own minds. I have always found happiness and yet I can tell you a  few horror stories as can anyone.

That is life.    We choose to be happy or ungrateful.    It really is that simple. 

A grateful person doesn’t need circumstances or possessions to find joy.  “I am” is my joy, not just “I have.” “I love” brings me fulfillment in place of need. The older I get, the easier the path has become. The answer has been…

Letting go and living in kindness and appreciation. 

As this ideology has evolved, so has peace and joy…and miracles to accompany my simple life. So happy to have friends to share with!

Actually, some innocent strangers get exposed to my enthusiasm too.

~ Todd Puntolillo


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