The Two Most Difficult Concepts and …

There are two concepts that humans can’t wrap their heads around.

One is “Infinite.” The other is “Eternal.” 

Even science tries to avoid them and tells us there was once nothing.

I wonder what it was like back then, before the “Big Bang?”

What is on the other side of the wall at the end of the universe?

There are two components of all that exists.

One is “Energy” and science is all over that one. Got that covered!

The other is “Consciousness.” Science believes in dying brain cells

as the all there is to consciousness.

BTW, I never believed in a bearded guy in the sky 

who makes the rules and punishes those who don’t follow them… 

but … I DO believe in an”Infinite Consciousness” (Intelligence)

that is “Pure Energy” and is also “Eternal.” 


More Importantly, the Follow Up:

The atom, when looked at through the electron microscope is mainly space. Electrons and protons are electrical charges — Energy.

The only part that can be considered “matter” are the neutrons.

The catch is, science, through improved microscopes can see THROUGH the neutrons. They too are part of the energy package we call atoms. 

OK, let’s push the issue and say, for discussion sake, that the see-through neutrons are really matter. All the neutrons in a human body would fit on the head of a pin.

FB.pages_Page_2 copy

That is why everything we see, from a rock to a worm, is pure energy. Atoms move — always. Yes, even atoms in a rock.

As to consciousness, to say that all life evolved from single-celled life forms is like saying the carbon based rocks on the ground could evolve into the Empire State Building.

NOTHING happens anywhere, ever, without intelligence… CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Universe is NOT inanimate matter. It is CONSCIOUS ENERGY.

This explains why science and religion say the same thing.

Unfortunately there are some scientists and droves of religious people who can’t get it. It is not one or the other, it is, and always has been, both.

What “enlightened” people call the spiritual universe is consciousness and energy.

What scientists call the material universe is consciousness and energy.

What “religious” people call God is consciousness and energy – Infinite Intelligence.

It is all One, but contested by everyone if explained by the other group. 

NOTHING happens or exists anywhere, ever, without intelligence… CONSCIOUSNESS and ENERGY.



One comment on “The Two Most Difficult Concepts and …

  1. Richard Tebaldi says:

    The “infinite guy in the sky” sounds a lot like a terrorist……Believe or die!

    Dick Tebaldi

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