Memories and Art – Then and Now

P Bev 001 mid 1970s copy

image002 - Copy

Today’s post is about my daughter Beverly.

Pic #1 is mid ’70s standing in front of my Ford Granada. Isn’t she a cutie! Bev was and is a soulful person. Her feelings run deep and her wisdom was always far advanced for her age.

Pic #2 obviously took too long to draw. She started with a happy face, but posing gets tiring as it drags on. I finished this portrait the same day, but took a few hours. Poor child. The final touches were made while she just wanted it to be over.

Pic #3 was my mom’s 80th birthday party (2006). We had a photographer who took the best pic of us together — ever!

Bev was and is a sweet person. She brings smiles to brighten everyone’s day. She is a sincere listener and kind to so many friends and family members. I just couldn’t be happier with my little girl (now in her late forties.)

Her husband, Sal, is a great guy and they make a great team. They live on the side of a mountain in NJ and he stays thin walking the dog (Eli) up and down and at a good pace. He built a nice business and employs his family. There is a smile on his face at all times…unless the NY Giant’s are losing their football game.

Bev runs almost daily and paddleboards whenever she can.  She is a little gal but she can run and often places in the winners circle for her age class.

What makes this father happy is that his baby made a good solid life for herself and has every reason to be proud of the life for which she worked and sacrificed.

OK, she has a weakness. Spelling. Not her forte. So lucky is she for spell-check. As a child, she made her lower case letter “d” backwards and hence she spelled my name “Dabby.” It was so cute, I still sign off to her with that spelling and she addresses me that way sometimes with a cute smile.

To show you who she is, let me relate this story. I married a young woman, Merlyn, from the Philippines about 8 years ago. Merlyn is tiny as is my daughter. I was concerned about how my daughter would deal with my wife being younger than her. Bev has a big heart and It has never been a problem. In fact, they adore each other. That being said, Bev had a few words with me about the unusual circumstance just before Merlyn’s visa allowed her to come here. Bev told me if I was happy then she wouldn’t say a word…”HOWEVER,” she said, “I will NOT call her mom! Is Little Sis OK?” With that settled, Merlyn walked down the isle to marry me wearing Beverly’s wedding gown. Not one stitch was required to make it fit perfectly. Bev is an inch taller than Merlyn. Bev wore 2″heels at her wedding and Merlyn wore 3″ heels, hence perfect fit.

So here it is, the portrait and mini-biography of my little girl. I’ll bet you can tell that her Dabby is proud.



I try and try to capture her smile, her face, but she is so illusive!  My love, my friend, my wife…but I have captured her heart…and her smile comes along for the ride. I am happy, I am blessed and everyone who knows us can see the truth of what I say.

My Bright Star!