Not my Newest

Kelly Fleidner 1975 copy

KELLY Circa 1974 

Usually, I post my newest piece of art and share it here. Today is different.

I was blogging on FB yesterday and was teasing one of my daughter’s friends. Kelly was our next door neighbor when Bev was maybe 6-8 years old.

Kelly reminded me how she sat for a portrait I did of her.  It was at the time I had just begun doing portraits. I was startled because I had forgotten who I drew 40 years ago.  

I asked for a photo of it and out of the attic, here it came. I am so pleased with this piece and wanted to share it with whomever reads my posts. What a surprise to me and what a terrific piece for me to enjoy as I fade back to yesteryear to remember the times.

Todd Puntolillo




We see only what we are willing to see.  Those who see more have made a great effort. When someone rises above the flimsy three dimensional so-called realities into the holographic reality of multiple dimensions, they can see beyond what we previously deemed solid in our world!

The dimension of Spirit supersedes the laws and perceptions of matter. This is because the senses are limited. They only report two and three dimensional facts.

Mystical truth must be sought through the heart and soul (spiritual senses) not just the brain and physical senses.

Unless you deeply feel the need to rise above material limitations, you might as well live your life vicariously through the two dimensional world of a television screen— and so many do just that!

—Todd Puntolillo