How I Met My Angel

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It was almost 8 years ago and I was in my early sixties, with two marriages (one of 10 years and one of 19) behind me. I was NOT thinking marriage.

While visiting my mom, she brought me to the home of her friend who had married a woman from the Philippines (a filipina). There had beenĀ other filipinas in my life as friends and I truly appreciated their sweetness.

I said to the husband, Gordon: “I couldn’t round up lady prospects on the internet like you did and then go there to pick one out and marry her … still, you did very well!”

All his wife heard was: “Todd wants to marry a filipina” — nothing like what I said.

She sent my info to the Philippines and it shuffled around until Merlyn’s aunt decided to give it to her and told her to send me her photo in a letter. Merlyn hesitated, but was obedient to her auntie.

I received this sweet note and photo and kindly explained to this 26 year old that I was much older, that she deserved a handsome young man and children as life offers the young.

She wrote me back: “A young man will have a young wife and look for another young woman … the older man will be satisfied with one young wife.”

I was taken aback and fascinated by someone who would say that. We became pen pals and wrote each other daily. She was certainly too good to be true! Soon I was calling her every night (her daytime 8000 miles away) and we were bonding beautifully. I was nearing retirement and asked her where we would live if we got together. She said: “We must live in the USA … you have an aging mother!”

Right, how stupid of me! How could I overlook this responsibility? (It was her character that sold me on her!)
I told her I had family to help and asked what she thought about Bali, the Philippines or Costa Rica. She said she would go anywhere to be with me.

I flew to Asia, saw her face and big sweet smile and melted. We discussed many important life issues and were in agreement on just about everything. Before leaving, I slipped a ring on her finger and promised to return home and petition her to come to the USA and marry me there.

We are married seven happy years. My family loves her and so do my friends.
Miracles can happen even after it appears to be too late.

Never give up hope. Life has endless resources!

Todd Puntolillo

Writer – Author