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I recently read that older people talk to themselves more than when they were younger. I took note and realized that I talk to myself and others when I am alone.
Usually, I refer to the conversation by saying “WE.” I’ve thought about why I say “We.”

First of all, I really believe that I am never alone. The way the impossible–or something I didn’t know, explains itself to me when I ask, can be a little scary, but there it is. As well, I believe that we are surrounded by “Love,” God’s nature and that he who talks with me is “The Comforter” as promised.

I am not ashamed of this “habit.” No matter what happens in my life, someone comes to my aid. Often it is a good friend but when I am alone, someone else talks with me. What is good about this is if I thought I was just blabbering back to myself, I wouldn’t need to give much thought to the discussion. The fact that I am honest and sincerely SHARING what is on my mind, indicates that whoever it is that I AM knows the Great “I AM” and works with me.

How about you? Is your self-talk babbling or is it a conversation with “Intelligence Itself?”

“In the Game of Life, who LOVES the most–WINS!” — Todd Puntolillo



Ever feel someone staring at your back?

When I was young, I would be sitting in the auditorium at school and stare ahead maybe 10 rows at the back of a girl I liked. Sure enough, she’d turn around and look right back at me. I’d put on a face like I wasn’t looking her way and then do it again…and again.
I have felt it many times.

How can this be? How can we “touch” someone at a distance?

Frequently mothers know when their child needs help although the child is somewhere else. How?

We have an energy field and we can reach out with it. We have energetic connections with other people. We can feel their presence when they are somewhere else.

We are more than matter.

“In the Game of Life, Who LOVES the most–WINS!” — Todd Puntolillo

The Game of Life

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This is my best quote ever! “In the Game of Life, who LOVES the most — Wins!”
I wrote this in my first book. Four more books and 26 years later, it is till my best quote. But what does it mean?

I have friends on Facebook who have known me over 60 years. Many wondered what I was talking about when I was young, but most were not intimidated by what I said, even if it sounded weird coming from a kid. At least I was reaching out.

From the age of six I dedicated myself to spiritual understanding. Meanwhile, life happened. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve done some things very well, in other words, I’m human… Still I was always seeking something higher.

My greatest accomplishment has been to get my priorities straight. How we choose to LIVE our lives or WASTE them is of great importance to us.

I share these values:
LOVE: Give and accept and seek out. Wherever you find or give it you will value forever.

GRATITUDE: Being grateful makes life work for us. Wishing and whining brings suffering.

FORGIVENESS: Holding anger and resentment brings us pain and suffering. Forgiving sets us free to live, love and laugh again.

APPRECIATION for HUMOR, NATURE and MUSIC, all of which lift our spirits.

COMPASSION: Without compassion we are empty vessels soaking in selfishness.

SPIRITUAL CONNECTION TO YOUR CREATOR AND SOURCE. How you handle that is personal and everyone is different. It is your business alone. Just don’t overlook it.

Cultivating these priorities brings PEACE and JOY. What could possibly be more important to you than these?

When we leave the planet, we cannot take our material gains with us, but WHO WE ARE and what we have incorporated into our consciousness and our being stays with us — forever.

1 Cor. xiii — The greatest (of life’s virtues) is LOVE.

Always remember: In the Game of Life, who LOVES the most — WINS!

Todd Puntolillo