Where Are You Going?

My question for you today is this: Where are you going?
We can begin with today and ask where you are going and you might answer differently than if you answer where you think you are going with your life.

For today, you will probably recite an itinerary. example: I’m going to church then to lunch and later my girl friend is coming over.

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But no, that is what you are “doing” — where are you going? What is the direction of your life?

Are you planning each day so that at the end of your days you will have done something every day? That is the norm. You might say, “I spent my life doing stuff.”

Now, let me suggest spending your days being something better and better. This requires focusing on your attitudes and desire for a higher existence.

Are you going to a place of peace or upheaval and worry?

Are you going to reach out to people you love or be too busy to care?

Are you going to reach out to people who desperately need love or pursue your selfish “wants” without pause or conscience?

Are you going to criticize and judge people or rise above putting them down?

Are you going to be kind or are you going to gossip and shame others?

Are you going to trust your Creator and Source for guidance or ramrod through life thoughtlessly?

These and many more are the choices you make every day.
One way of thinking leads you to a pit that gets deeper and deeper.
The other way takes you upward into the light.
I am saying this figuratively, but there are many who would say it literally.

So, ask yourself: Where am I going?

Then, choose well.

Remember – In the game of Life who LOVES the most — WINS!

Love, Light and Blessings to all of you! Amen…

Todd Puntolillo
Author — “Yours—A Rich, Full Life!”




“A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn’t.
A man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, but she does.”
This came in my email. It is true. It shows the foolishness of both parties.

Women chase after bad boys expecting because they are big, handsome or strong they’ll be good husbands. Wrong! They’ll be what they are–bad boys.

Men pick a women for her looks. No way can a woman keep her young woman looks forever. Impossible.

I took a marriage course from Mark Gungor with my wife. He told us, Mens’ brains work like they have small boxes in their heads. One box for each subject. Men can only be in one box at a time. Also they have a “nothing box.”

Women on the other hand had a thousand points of light in their brains and all of them are connected, so everything you say to them gets filtered by 1000 standards they have…AND on any given day, a different point of view can prevail-hence, woman are allowed to change their minds while men must commit forever (whether they planned to or not.)

With men being able to focus on only one thing at a time, they have problems keeping up with a group of children. Women do this without having to think about it. I once watched a conversation where six women were all talking at the same time. I asked them to pause and asked how all six could be talking and how anyone knew what the other was saying? They looked at me and said, “We do that easily all the time.”

Women are multi-taskers. Men do one thing at a time. Hence communication problems when the women give a man a list or expect them to know what they are thinking.

Luckily, both are capable of true love. Caring, forgiving and kindness are needed from both to make a marriage work, but then again…why not?

“In the Game of Life, who LOVES the most–WINS!” — Todd Puntolillo


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I’ve been thinking for a long time about an idea to change the world we live in.

We all know of the constant strife between Israel and the Islamic nations. There Israel sits in the midst of all the people they don’t want in their lives…and vice versa. The battle goes back for thousands of years and will never end.

But wait! Here is a not-so-crazy-as-it-sounds idea I’ve contemplated. How about if, for the safety of the world, many nations joined together and shipped Israel, lock, stock and barrel, to the United States?

Before you blurt out the word “crazy” realize what “rock, stock and barrel” would mean! Yes, bring the crying wall and re-erect it. Landmarks and other important sites could be transported if every country donated a ship or two and started carrying the chosen artifacts.

As to businesses, new buildings could be built in our desert land. I’d say somewhere between New Mexico and Utah, Colorado and Arizona. We could provide better weather and healthy soil. These states all have low populated areas.

The land mass of Israel is only 12,877 square miles. New Mexico alone is over 121,500 square miles. A piece from one or two of those states would provide desert land, beautiful spaces for National Parks for their “Holy Lands” and “fruited plains” for their excellent farming methods. They would have use of our highway system, gas lines, phone lines, all intact and ready to improvise as needed. The Israelis would be forever safe on our soil…which would then be theirs and there would be no more disasters to fear in the middle east.

We would benefit because of the growth in their technology and they would benefit from ours. I see “WIN-WIN” all over the place. It would take a number of years to implement, but they could leave their military personnel and equipment there for last. They won’t need war weapons here.

Great idea? Do you think we could get anyone to agree to it?
Would you favor this idea for the safety of the Israelis, Muslims and our planet?

Todd Puntolillo

Three Mystical Gifts


When thinking about enlightenment, bliss, serenity and inner peace, it is easy to forget that we were given, at birth, tools and mechanisms to escape the thinking that doesn’t serve us.

To be ecstatic about life, we simply need to change perspectives, not our circumstances!

Somehow, the Creator gave us a Sense of Humor that enables us to laugh at ourselves and other life events. What a gift!

We are also equipped with a sense of awe when we watch a butterfly, a soaring hawk or gaze into a beautiful sunset or the unfathomable space of a dark night’s sky. The beauty and wonder of Nature can stop us dead in our tracks and, in a heartbeat, bring us to a space of joy and peace.

As well, there is also no satisfactory human explanation for the gift of Music. Why is it that we can assemble sounds into patterns that touch our souls? The effect of music can be so profound, whether to pick you up, or relax you.Be clear, not just ANY music or humor will have the frequency to bring joy. It must be based upon higher vibration and not invert the joyful intention.

These three—music, nature and humor— are not small gifts and they cannot be explained with human rationale. They just are.


Todd Puntolillo, Author

In the Game of Life, who LOVES the most — Wins!