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How seldom we hear of people consciously striving for accountability.

“What good is that to me?” some would ask.

Accountability is important to everyone. Do you get angry when people don’t take you seriously? It could be that you haven’t demonstrated accountability in your life and therefore they expect nothing from you.

To be accountable is to take life seriously enough to honor your word and fulfill your obligations. Do you think anyone will take you seriously if they knew you never pay your child support payments? How about if they repossess your car for non-payment while you go out partying every night?

Accountability is doing the right thing every time you are called upon. It is being dependable, trustworthy, responsible, and it also means doing what it takes to improve yourself and build a meaningful life.

You want to be a clown and a playboy? OK, clown around and play—after you have taken care of business. After work, home and your personal well-being is accounted for, then go play. No problem.

Responsibilities are not evil, they are character building and give you a solid life. Squander your play time if you must, but respect your one and only life!

In my life, there is no one at all who isn’t accountable. If there is in yours, you might just realize that you are being used, not appreciated by them. Being used is not the same as being liked or loved. It means you are an easy target, someone without self-respect. It doesn’t prove you have a good heart. Devote your good heart to those who will care for your well-being also.

Remember: In the Game of Life, who LOVES the most — WINS!

Love, Light and Blessings to all of you!
Todd Puntolillo
Author: “Yours—A Rich, Full Life!”



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Would you like to know why so few find peace and happiness? The answer to every personal problem, bar none, is FORGIVENESS. This is a huge statement, so let me share the basis.

The major problem in life, as well as the opposite of love, is fear. All fear is the result of believing you are separate from everyone else and our Universal Source of Life.

Every act that does not serve us well is based in fear. Therefore, the root of every ill is fear. The human response to anything that threatens is attack and is manifested as resentment, hatred or violence.

Am I suggesting that you let people abuse you and those whom you love? No! Standing up for your highest sense of right is integrity, not hate — it is love for Truth and Principle.

Forgiveness is NOT about ‘over-looking’ another’s behavior. Forgiveness is giving up the illusion that we can change the past — then releasing the unwanted experience into the vast Universe to be healed and released from thought and motive.
This process is simple and starts with WILLINGNESS TO GIVE UP THE PAIN.

Simply Love, Forgive and Rejoice to find freedom and the answer to every personal problem.

I am always happy to share with all of you.
Remember — In the game of Life who lives the most — WINS!

Love, Light and Blessings to all of you!
Todd Puntolillo
Author: “Yours—A Rich, Full Life!”



As I remind you all from time to time for the sake of perspective, I’m 73.

As a child I lived in an environment, not so uncommon in those days when the parents did ANYTHING they deemed necessary to control their kids.

I was/am short and had to deal with bullying outside the home. Still, I was a sweet kid and valued love and happiness above everything else. (Thank You Dear Divine Creator!)

This gift has carried me through life and has led me to places I belonged and has given me the strength to walk away from people and environments that didn’t support my soul.

Eight years ago, living alone in my 60s, by some sort of miracle, a beautiful, young and wonderful woman was dropped in my life from 8000 miles away without even an introduction. I am madly in love with my wife of 10 years.

Today, I am retired. I write for fun and profit, I watch romantic comedies at night with my wife several nights a week, I am a fair artist and published many of my drawings and cartoons in various places and right here on

Most importantly, my many decades of spiritual study has taught me the source of all happiness and freedom. I share this information freely here and wherever else I can to express my gratitude for the peace, joy, freedom and love in my life.

I am always happy to share with all of you.
Remember – In the game of Life who lives the most — WINS!

Love, Light and Blessings to all of you!
Todd Puntolillo
Author — “Yours—A Rich, Full Life!”

Is There More Than the Physical Realm?

AZ 074Many people today take the attitude, “I don’t know if there is a God or not. I see too much death and destruction. What am I supposed to believe in … and why?”

I can’t say I don’t blame them … however … I see things in a more encouraging way.

Simply spoken, there are too many miracles in everyday life to doubt that “something” is going on beyond our understanding. People are psychic. Some of us are spiritual healers. Some have had near death experiences and have looked at their body from a distance and spoken to those who’ve already died. People have been regressed to remember past lives. Scientists have looked through the atom and determined that it is not matter, it is energy. The Russians have developed Kirlian photography that shows the human aura — energy field. This is science and human connection with something non-physical. There’s just too much to discount ALL of it.

There is a Divine Intelligence that intervenes. How do I know? Consider the very creation of life. The sun is a ball of exploding gases and yet our temperatures don’t change significantly. If they changed a degree over millions of years we either never would have happened or we’d all be dead!

Consider the body (of any creature) the life support system, the adaptation. Can you call that an accident too? Luck? Millions of years of luck?


Maybe if we moved away from conventional definitions we would see a Creator and Source rather than a bearded man who judges us. That might work better for us and be nearer reality.

We are blessed by a magnificent Intelligence and we witness the ultimate stupidity of humans who think they are superior to a Divine Force or Divine Law.

May you choose the power and joy of LOVE and trust Spiritual Guidance as a way of having a beautiful life like I do…

…Or, you can doubt and tell yourself and others why those who trust in a Divine Creator and Source are foolish. Your God-given freedom allows you to choose and do what serves you best.

Love, Light and Blessings to all of you!
Todd Puntolillo

In the game of Life who lives the most — WINS!

“With fear, life is imprisonment … With faith, life is joyous and free … choose well”

The Unlived Life

37M AZ

I had a problem.

After a lifetime of spiritual study and having “achieved” a successful life (as I had envisioned it as a child) I found myself in my latter years struggling for “meaning” in spite of all I had learned. Why were my well-studied words and well-written books not reaching all the suffering people that needed what they taught. I felt empty and useless.  All I did was benefiting me, and maybe some people close to me, but what about all the others?

I read a book on living the unlived life, but it was unsatisfying. Then, on the internet, a favorite writer offered a course where he asked, “What is your soul’s agenda?”  As he pointed out in my mind, I had a deep longing to touch people’s souls with my message and had written five books, two of which I had translated into Spanish…

( )  …

yet, because I was not picked up by a large publisher, my writings have blessed only a few thousand people. This left me feeling unfulfilled and asking myself:

“I have been blessed with so much, why can’t I give it back?”

Then today, as I read his sincere story about the Soul’s Agenda, he saved me!

I got a different message based upon his use of words. The purpose is not a contradiction, but it seems in life there are always at least two right answers.

Therefore, right here, I wish to share another way to look at the Soul’s Agenda:

“If you cannot be peaceful and joyous here and now, the pursuit of an agenda — any agenda won’t get you there either.”

What if our task is to give up material accomplishments and to simply honor God by BEING (not doing) our highest and best?

It is my belief that what happens here on earth is not meaningful, it is just the circumstances needed to move us forward. We take none of our fame, glory or possessions with us on our final human day. We bring our energy and consciousness, that is, Who We Are, and nothing else!

I believe the longings we experience, seeking to bless others, is a partially a very intricate snare of the human mind for making us dissatisfied with the miraculous Universe that God created for our joy. As a result, we selfishly serve our ego (despite our good intentions.)

In reading books and checking out titles for the “unlived life,” it seems to me that most people want to be a Jesus or Superman, a Warren Buffet, Julia Roberts, Billy Graham or some rock star so people will look at them and go “…ahhhhh wonderful!”  — A simple need for validation of the ego, nothing more.

Seeking the unlived life is a way to feel inadequate, the very thing that prevents us from experiencing the joy of being here and now; from simply accepting God’s gifts and being grateful, peaceful and satisfied.

Is satisfaction really an evil goal? No!  But, is being satisfied the same as complacency?

THAT is a genuine question!

God gives the gifts. Do we need to be a god so we can be the one praised by blessing those we deem “below” us or “needy?” I certainly hope not!

Am I onto something or am I simply using “being grateful for what is” as an excuse for not pursuing a fuller life?

What do YOU think?

Of course, you’ll be right whatever you choose — for yourself.

Todd Puntolillo

“With fear, life is imprisonment. With faith, life is joyous and free.”

“In the Game of Life, who LOVES the most—WINS!

One Hour a Day

Guitar Man 2000

I have a bunch of guys who email back and forth on international and local topics.

They were amazed by Asimov who wrote over 500 books. Who wouldn’t be amazed? Still, I saw the opportunity to help them get more out of life and wrote them this message…

The answer is more simple than you’d imagine. While WE were writing B.S. emails and blogging part of our day, he was writing books etc.
If each of us took ONE HOUR A DAY to do something like write, paint, LEARN a musical instrument, etc. in just a few years (or less) we would have accomplished something grand.
I’ve practiced this principle.
I learned trumpet and have played it for 60 years, guitar for 50 years, bass guitar, keyboard until satisfied, wrote 5 books (two are translated into spanish)
…became a certified auctioneer, and certified appraiser, read the Bible through more than twice, read numerous books, bought a karaoke, learned to sing and went out and sang professionally, blogged for 2 years on and had 125,000 views, learned to play tennis very well over 35 years, did cartooning, then portraits for 35 years.  Does fishing count? I became a Reiki master and later a licensed Massage Therapist.
My daily trade was sales and it fed me for 52 years so needless to say, I put in much more than 8 hours a day developing that.
None of these skills/experiences define me.
They are not what I am, they are what I put aside time to learn because it feels good to grow.
If you guys make a list of where you’ve put your time, I suspect yours will be long as well.
Think about it … ONE HOUR A DAY!
Todd Puntolillo

Writer, Artist & Published Author

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“With fear, life is imprisonment. With faith, life is joyous and free.”


“In the Game of Life, who LOVES the mostWINS!