The Great Unknowable

The Great Unknowable

Welcome to Bubblews Sunday Sermonette
Rev. Todd Puntolillo will give today’s talk.

Who or What is God?

God is known as “the great unknowable.”
There are 7 billion people living on Earth and each has his own definition.

We start with today’s popular theory: There is no God. Everything happened by
accident with a couple of scientific laws to help.
My response: Yeah sure, and the Empire State Building evolved from a pile of rocks.

Nothing happens without INTELLIGENCE. So here we have part One.

How do we know anything? This Intelligence includes LIFE. Without BEING we
would have no concern for God or anything else. It is Life itself that we seek to
understand … and GOD is LIFE.

What about the Big Bang and particles etc. It is Life expressed through Divine LAW.
Hence we have the Laws of the Universe. God’s nature includes LAW.

Scientists have looked through the atom and learned that nothing in there is solid.
The answer of what exists is two-fold. God is ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS.
“We live and move and have our being” in GOD’s Energy and Consciousness.

What about Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna etc. Were any of them God?
My best guess is Yes. All of them.

And don’t stop there. You and I are made of the same God stuff that Jesus and Buddha were!
Perhaps we are not as dedicated nor do we have the same faith or clarity,
but…IF God fills all space and is the CREATOR and SOURCE of all that exists,
we are made of the same stuff and, in fact, have the same Mind as our Source — when
we turn from material life and fear to God’s most Divine Nature — we are the ALLNESS of God — the VERY ESSENCE of God. We are PURE LOVE, the ABSOLUTE CREATION of our CREATOR, Our FATHER, MOTHER…THE ALL-THERE-IS OF THE UNIVERSE!

So close and yet so misunderstood.

Don’t feel small…recognize that you include all that your Father/Mother is.

I ask you NOT to leave your beliefs. I ask you to be sure that they are fully stocked
with Love, Life, Intelligence, Divine Law, Truth, Integrity and Accountability.

Be there for your God…your God is there for you.

Blessings to All!

Remember: In the game of Life, who LOVES the most—WINS!

Todd Puntolillo
Author: “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”
Plus 7 other books in English and Spanish


Bert and Christina do it again!

Bert and Christina do it again!

Today’s quote comes once more from Bert and Christina

“Realization of oneness dissipates our sense of separation
and every malady we’ve incorporated into it.”
– Bert & Christina Carson

Fear comes from a belief in separation.

I’ll say it again, fear comes from a belief in separation.

Number one fear is that the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all kingdoms therein is separate from us.

Fear number two is that everyone else is separate and therefore “out to get us one way or another.”

Fear number three is that we are all separate and no one cares about your needs nor can anyone truly love you.

These beliefs of separation will keep you sad, scared and defensive forever. There is no happiness in that.

When we realize that we are part of a Perfect Divine Plan, included and loved by a generous and powerful Creator, little is left to fear or fight…unless you CHOOSE to carry separateness, fear and resentment in your heart. In that case, you get the rewards of your beliefs and then say, “See I told you there is no Divine Creator or Perfect Plan, look what happened to me!”

So choose now, fearless happiness filled with trust and love … or defensive fearfulness filled with resentment and sadness.

Those are the only two choices.

Todd Puntolillo
Author: 7 books including “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”



This life-changing concept is not very commonly discussed. People consider themselves flesh and blood and temporary. Many who are religious believe in a soul that continues. But mostly, people have no idea who or what they are. They only know they exist.

Funny, in a scientific world, we are taught biology, but where did the life force that exists within us, that drives the body and creates thought, where did that come from?
When scientists explain the body with atoms do they go out of their way to say this: The body is mainly space? The atom is elctrons (negative charges) and protons (positive charges) and so far I have mentioned no matter. There are neutrons, and for a short time science explained them as matter. What we didn’t know was that if you gathered all the neutrons in the human body, you could assemble them on the head of a pin! Later, scientists were able to see THROUGH the neutron with electron microscopes.

And so you see, the human body is made of ENERGY alone!

Scientists cling to the Big Bang theory that the universe evolved by an exposion 3 billion years ago. But what exploded if nothing existed? (Hint: Energy.)

Element two of who and what we are is CONSCIOUSNESS!

There is an infinite intelligence that created all there is and we have evolved from this intelligence. I like to say, “Life as we know it no more evolved from flying bits of matter than did the Empire State Building evolve from a pile of rocks. Without INTELLIGENCE, nothing would exist. Nothing could happen. Without LIFE as a scientific reality, we could not have been given life!

All that exists is ENERGY AND CONSCIOUSNESS and that includes you and me…and we didn’t evolve by accident, we were skillfuly designed by Genius as was the entire Universe.

Everything that was ever created, started out as a thought. YOU are a powerful and intelligent force field motivated by life force energy and…LOVE…but that part is for another day.

Todd Puntolillo

Author: 7 books including “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”