What Are You Afraid Of?

What Are You Afraid Of?

What people don’t realize is that we equipped with everything we need to do what this life was given to us to do. We are complete, capable and cared for, yet we run around scared … and for some people, that never ends.

Many scaredy cats, like me, finally figured it out one day. I remember being 33 years old and saying to myself, “Hey! If you can do 33 years one time, why wouldn’t you be able to do it twice?”
Yes, I am past the 66 mark I flagged for myself and going strong. That was 33 years with less fears than the first 33 years.

Another part of the eqution is something I’ve mentioned to you all before. “Ninety per cent of the things you are worrying about will never happen!”

My wife works at Macy’s. We were told that Macy’s is shutting down 7 stores. My wife started worrying. I told her: “No use worrying. Your store probably won’t close. If it closes, you’ll probably find a different job. If you don’t find a different job, you can collect unemplyment insurance that you’ve paid for. If all else fails, we will survive without your paycheck!”

Really, why should she worry? You may ask, “What about the 10 percent of your concerns that come about?” As indicated by the previous paragraph, you’ll find an answer because…”There is always an answer, and that answer is good.”

You may ask about things that actually do turn out badly. I will tell you this: To the worrisome mind, poblems happen and complicate.

BUT: To the mind full of love and trust in Universal Good, the right answer appears and the solutions are found.

NOTE: I didn’t say that “good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people,” because that just isn’t true.

Expectation of good, trust in the Divine, worry-free conscious thought yields great results. Expectation of problems, worry, doubts and fear bring negative results.

Your fear is your downfall, every time! Choose well!

Todd Puntolillo
Author: 7 books including “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”


Who I Really Am…

Who I Really Am...

I already wrote a column asking “Who am I?”
My answer was metaphysical, showing that
we are really more than the outer person
we all can see using material eyes and senses.

I Thought about it again today with a little different twist.
BTW, look at my sketch of me…I am this man and yet this sketch is not who  I am.

I will start this historically and progress…
Born a very small male (pre-mature) only 5 pounds +. My mom was loving but VERY strict, so I learned patience (a little) and obedience to authority.
Learned a Christian culture, cleanliness and character.

My dad was tough and at times insensitive. He was rough around the edges and tried to teach me to be like him. Mom won, he lost.

I hated school, the restrictions and pressures. I learned to play sports with my friends. Being the smallest, I took a beating in football and wrestling, but still played very well in any endeavor I undertook.

My grades were good, but not great. I hated homework. I started making music, drawing and writing in school and always got “A”s in these types of activities. I played in the band my entire school career, once it was available.

An aptitude test at Stevens Institute concluded that I could do anything I wanted to do. I told my parents I wanted to go to a teacher’s college with my music. They sent me to a business college (Rutgers-Newark) — a horrible place!

After one year, I quit college, went to work as a mechanic and rigger/machine mover, and continued to educate myself. I wanted to learn all kinds of things…and did!

I’ve been a musician, singer writer, artist, auctioneer, appraiser and salesman where my personal skills, reinforced by my spiritual beliefs, studies and personality took me a long way.

As I matured, my metaphysical, spiritual, psychological and personality studies really took over. I was working less and manifesting more. I went to school to augment my skills and became a healer and massage therapy practitioner for many years.

My pathway has been spiritual love, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and trust in a higher power — without all the dogma and rituals. This has been a difficult, but rewarding path.

Today, I am married to a lovely woman with a keen mind; retired from any daily job, and evolving my energy and consciousness to a higher level.
I have mostly conquered fear (although it creeps in occasionally for a few minutes at a time) and share happiness and love with my writings and other interactions.

I’d say, I am who I always wanted to be and I’m still growing at 70.

Who are you — REALLY? Let us all know…or at least figure it out for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Todd Puntolillo
Author: 7 books including “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”