Belief Systems

Belief Systems

OK, please understand that my definitions come from my experience and don’t include every person in a certain category…these are generalizations and they are here for one purpose, to make you think…not to accuse a single soul.

1- Extreme Conservative Religion of any kind = I’m right, you’re wrong and you will suffer for disagreeing!

2- Conservative Religion = Only my religion is right and you are completely wrong.

3- Most Religions = Closed systems. Once you are indoctrinated, there is no thinking required — or permitted.

4- Liberal Religions = We are so happy you showed up today and we are here to share a blessing with you and yours. Everyone is welcome!

5- New Thought = Love is the answer. God is not a man in the sky but a Divine Presence and Power that we can use to heal our lives and help others. Other possibilities may exist and you are welcome to explore.

6- New Age = Angels, Fairies, Druids, Witches, gods, goddesses, numerology, Astrology, Aroma Therapy, Sound Therapy, channeling, etc.

7 – Metaphysics = Everything beyond the 5 physical senses. Because the atom has been seen to be space and energy with no matter, metaphysics has taken its place as a Science known as Quantum Physics. It includes ONE God that is not a man, but rather a CONSCIOUSNESS. The Consciousness that created and indwells the entire Universe. All There Is.
Its nature is: The Law, Intelligence, Spirit, All Life, All Truth and Perfect Love. We, all Life that is, are included in this ONE.
We, too, are pure Consciousness utilizing a form made up of ENERGY. All that exists is Energy and Consciousness.
Most students of metaphysics believe in a life after death as do most all religions.

8- Atheists = People who don’t believe in their own definition of god. Many are wonderful people, they just don’t believe in anything beyond the 5 limited physical senses.

9- Agnostics = People who don’t know what to believe or perhaps don’t care. It is all too confusing and not worth the effort to sort out. Most don’t like what a conservative or extreme religion told them when they were young.

I guess you figured out that I am most knowledgeable in #7. I found it through religion, but it is not a religion to me now, but rather a system of beliefs I’ve learned and adopted over the past 6 decades of study. Metaphysicians are aware that we create our life experience, environment and events by our beliefs. Therefore, we create lives that we want and are not stuck in unhappiness.

As you read through this, you might find that you belong to MORE than one school of thought. This can open you up to some fascinating studies!

I wish you blessings whatever you believe. May you find YOUR God within!

Todd Puntolillo
Author: 7 books including “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”


Your Sublime Destiny

Your Sublime Destiny

I want to share a powerful concept.


God has already provided for your every need.
No need to whine about what you do not see.
Instead rejoice!
Expect good in marvelous ways every day.
You have a rich Father/Mother,
a rich universe at your service,
and a rich, full life….NOW!
How blessed you are!

Todd Puntolillo
Author: 7 books including “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”

Test Driving Your Body

Test Driving Your Body

We all love our automobiles. In a way, many people identify with them. Many wealthy people drive BMWs or Mercedes to reflect the expected image attributed to the prosperous while many teenagers like the image they get from driving sporty but affordable Camaros and Firebirds. While it really doesn’t make sense to identify with your vehicle, it correlates with another identification subject: Identifying with your body.

When discussing enlightenment, my brother Steve told me, “You have only to correct how you identify yourself and your work is done.”

This made me think: “If this is so, we trap ourselves within the roles we play. We make the rules and often don’t like the implications, while living our self-imposed limitations.”

The way I see it:
You are not your body! You are the thinker/observer who is using it.

Think of your body as you would your car. You care for it, fuel it, clean it and keep it as pleasant looking as possible, but frankly, it isn’t you. What’s more, the car dies, but you continue. Doesn’t it make sense to care for the “you” that continues? Doesn’t it make sense to invest in and care for your inner being, sometimes referred to as your soul; your essence which is even more valuable than your fenders, headlights or head gaskets?

I’d like to point out here and now, the mistake we make about bodies is born of comparison, criticism and judgment. A Mini Cooper, Dodge Pick-up, Ferrari or Hummer each has a different type of body. We may find that one or the other suits our tastes and utility needs better, but is one better than another? It would aggravate me to try to do what I need to do with the expensive and sleek Ferrari, while my much cheaper and less prestigious SUV suits all my needs. The fancy Ferrari would limit me in many ways. So, clearly, looks or image are not reason enough to judge a body … or a car.

Another analogy would be dogs. We are not critical of the actions or appearances (including the various colors) of dogs. We accept their behavior which would be totally inappropriate for a human. Why? Because too many of us love, and therefore forgive and accept, the dog’s body but remain ashamed of our own. These values are not valid nor do they nurture us.

The car’s job is to carry us around. The body’s job is the same. It doesn’t serve us well to have criticism and judgment as our method of perceiving bodies. All cars/bodies do is transport us.

We abuse our bodies even more by resenting them than by feeding them unhealthy fuel.

Remember, we are conscious beings. Although, through the temporary, circumstantial and conditional we mistakenly think we identify ourselves, the truth never changes—we are more than our bodies; we are more intelligent than our brains—our bio PCs. Let us not judge nor criticize our own or our neighbor’s car, dog or body.

It serves us well to be compassionate and understanding.
Written June 2007

Todd Puntolillo
Author: 7 books including “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”

The Voice Within

The Voice Within

Everyone who will, can hear the Voice.
It is within everyone, but like everything else,
it requires previous and definite preparation.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Science will tell you it is your subconscious mind…and usually they are right. The brain builds platforms and we stand on them. They are built on a kind of logic that was thrown at us since youth. The material world is where we
believe that we live and move and have our being. It makes sense to the physical body and brain.

If we were ONLY brian, blood, bones and muscle, this would be the end of the discussion. The phenomena of miracles that happen continuously shows us that there is more to life than matter. Most miracles hardly get any notice by us.

We assume EVERYTHING and there is no basis for this shallow thinking. We have a spiritual being and it supersedes the material–unless we fight it.

We have ALL had miracles in our lives. If we call them coincidences then we should realize that things co-incided for us…they came together…and there was no basis for that except our need at the moment.

There is far too many answered prayers to call ALL of them luck or happenstance. When you experience a miracle, pause, give thanks and remember that your consciousness is powerful. The voice within you is not always brain waves and the power that created the Universe and maintains it is not merely luck either.

Connect with your power within…the voice that quietly guides you when you listen.

Be grateful for your blessings. Think positively and gratefully. If you do you will witness miracles others just overlook as luck or miss out on by rejection.

We are blessed and we must acknowledge it or “luck” will be the god we worship — and luck is fickle.

Trust that the Creator and Source of all life is there for you and make sure you connect by acts of kindness, gratitude and love.

We stand continually in the Divine Presence whether we acknowledge this or not.

Love and blessings,
Todd Puntolillo
Author: 7 books including “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”



I wrote this Poem when I was 32.
The pic is age 27, the closest to 32 I can find.

It was a difficult time as my marriage had failed.
The moral of the story is this:
My plan worked…..

Freedom’s Way

The darkness closed in on me; the prison doors clanged tight.
My eyes with tears were brimming. Life seemed a losing fight.
When I was just an infant the tragedy began.
My elders demanded things just right, to be a proper man.
The shackles they put on me are those that they still wear.
It’s how the world manipulates and acts as if it cares.

In school I learned to read and write and never to do wrong;
Salute the flag, and pray to God, and sing a marching song.
I tried to give my love to all and stand up brave and bold,
But “That’s not how it’s done,” is what I, then, was told.
“You must not touch, nor speak, nor show, your feelings you must hide.
Once they’re let out you’ll be put down, so lock them deep inside.”

I followed life’s strange standards and therefore never found…
what really makes a happy man or makes the saddest sound.
I yearned to meet true people and touch their very soul,
But for convention’s sake I wed and lived a normal role.
And then I worked to pay the bills and paid the bills to live.
I gave my all, with thanks from none, so I really didn’t give.

I’d been locked in so very long; all outlets had been plugged.
The whole routine and dreary scene had really got me drugged.

I now stand at the crisis point, the decision I shall make,
will set me free to live and give, I know it’s no mistake.
I’ve lived and loved to no avail, but while my heart still beats,
I’ll choose my life and freedom, my wins and my defeats.

The doors will now swing open, I’ll give my every all
to see and hear, to touch and feel and follow freedom’s call.
For I love God’s creation, in love I will invest,
‘Cause life is all that I can have …
…and Freedom’s Way is best!

Todd Puntolillo 1975