Get Out of Jail – Free!

Get Out of Jail – Free!

“All of us, at one time or other, feel a strong desire
for ‘peace instead of this’ as explained in
A Course in Miracles.

It is our futility that brings us face to face with reality.

Oh, we may ask for peace, but will we pay the price? Remember what Blaise Pascal said:

‘All of a man’s problems come from not being able to stay alone in a room by himself.’

We are addicts—all of us! I can tell you your addiction by what you do when you are alone, even for one minute. When people these days have to wait for a minute, they pick up the cell phone and make a call to fill the ‘air time.’ Many rush to a bottle, a cigarette or a drug. Others make jokes to get appreciation and favorable response. Others play on Facebook or Twitter. Few remain still and breathe in the peacefulness that stillness offers.

Yes, I know what people are thinking when I say this: ‘If you expect me to stand around doing nothing, this teaching isn’t for me.’

No, dear friend, my life is very full, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to be quiet and feel the serenity, the energy of love surrounding me. What I have done successfully through my life has been to prioritize my values. I make a keen effort to be certain that my motives reflect love and that my activities are based upon my highest sense of spiritual thought, not my need to be thought of as right. I choose a path based upon ‘walking my talk.’

The heart of any successful program is its integrity.

Your life is about your priorities, and if you value that which changes, dies, harms, or destroys above love-based ideals, you will always be poor, disappointed and frustrated. Gossip, criticism, judgmentalism, censure, ridicule, blame, complaint, worry, fear, and guilt, etc. are sure paths away from enlightenment, prosperity and peace.

Judgmentalism is your prison and your agenda is your death sentence.

Agendas bring failure consistently. The need to be in control guarantees failure. Sacred intentions bring the results you seek. We benefit greatly from a willingness to learn a new way of thinking that produces miracles, rather than reverting to fear and failure.”

Todd Puntolillo


A Little History from the Old Man

A Little History from the Old Man

Here is my face currently at 70 (see pic)

A writer from Bubblews did a letter of introduction and I thought that was an awesome idea. I tried it but couldn’t find the responses.
So, let’s try here where responses are traceable.

I’m on Bubblews more than a year now (June 2012) and on WordPress less than a year. I also keep all the best quotes from my writings on

So, here is my basic story….

1- Born in Texas USA, 1943 during WWII.

2- Raised in Lyndhurst, NJ (8 miles west of the Lincoln Tunnel into NYC.)

3- Became a musician at age 8. Learned harmonica, trumpet, baritone, some keyboard, electric bass and electric jazz guitar.

4- Worked for Dad cleaning, repairing and moving heavy printing machines since I was sixteen.

5- One year of college at Rutgers plus a few classes afterwards. I’ve taken about 40 courses in my self-education program over my lifetime. I’m always open for another. I really like the way I educated myself.

6- Had a difficult marriage that lasted 13 years, however it yielded a wonderful daughter, Beverly, whom I adore.

7- Have had my own businesses most of my life from 1973 until my recent retirement.

8- Had a second marriage. Raised two little boys into young men, fed and cared for the three of them plus pets for 20 years.

9- Became a part-time artist in 1973…still do a little.

10- Became a writer and author in 1988 and still produce work.

11- Became a serious Bible student and student of metaphysics at the age of six (1949). Pursued wisdom my entire life and am still open to learning more about life and the Universe.

12- Moved to Florida, USA in 1987 and continue to reside here in paradise.

13- Took up tennis at 33 in 1976, while living in California, and still play 4 times a week when possible.

14- Six years ago (2007) Married Merlyn, my Filipina, cute and tiny wife. Best move I ever made!

15- Retired into full-time writing February of 2013.

I love sharing my life with all of you and learning from you every day!

Do this friends. What a great idea! We’ll all know each other better.

OK, now it is your turn!

Todd Puntolillo

The Mystical Laws of Manifestation

The Mystical Laws of Manifestation

– Our life is filled with whatever we think about all day, be it supportive of our well-being or be it non- supportive.

– What we focus on expands.

– The deeper the desire and emotion with which we make our declarations, the more powerful and certain the results. Remember, this works for us, but can work against us if we are obsessed with something that we do not consider joyful.

– We err voicing things that upset us with powerful conviction. We will attract more of the same. Your word and emotions are powerful, so use them wisely.

– By focusing our attention, we move energy and change appearances.

– We attract everything we experience through our intentions, desires, passions and fears.

-Whatever we stop flowing energy to, goes away. That includes disease, good or bad situations, and friends. When marriages break up, often one mate is neglecting the other.

It seems to me to be better to focus on and attract a higher Love first. This will harmonize us with our surroundings through higher frequency and bring us our ultimate joy.

Quotes from: “Yours, A Rich, Full Life!” by Todd Puntolillo

Namaste – A Valuable Gift from Me to You

Namaste - A Valuable Gift from Me to You

Want to find God? I’ll tell you why so many struggle with this.

We’ve heard yoga students and Indians greet with this word: Namaste (nah-mah-stay)
This was originally a greeting and literally meant “To you.”

Today, via perhaps Hinduism or yoga or some other spiritual translation, it has come to mean:
“The God in me salutes the God in you.” This is a very common translation.

This explains the difference between spirituality and agnosticism and atheism.
My definition for an Atheist is “One who doesn’t believe his in own definition of God.”
He might say: “I don’t believe in a man in the sky who makes life and death decisions for us.”
I would say: “I do not believe in that either, but I am not an atheist.”

Agnostics can’t find God. They know there must be a reason the whole world believes but they just don’t get it.
Most have given up trying to understand something so deep and, to their minds, abstract.

The next category is the people who have created, in their beliefs, an anthropomorphic god — that is,
one with a human form, like a man. Even the bible used by Muslims, Jews and Christians says
“Man was created in the image and likeness of God…NOT the other way around.

The warlike god portrayed in the old testament has been the cause of war for 4000 years!

The mistake is to try to believe God is the only spiritual being and we are matter beings.
WE, in the image and likeness of God, ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS!

Here comes “Namaste.” “The God WITHIN me salutes the God WITHIN you.” We are all ONE.
One Creator, One Creation with “All there is” surrounding us and INDWELLING us.

Want to find God? Look into your heart and soul. Can’t see it? Look in your loved one’s heart and soul.
It is the same God there only expressing a little differently in each of us.

No matter where you look, that is where God is…and surprise, God is not the human…
God is the reality that supports and indwells what we call human.
We are spiritual beings, here and now.

When you can see this clearly, life will open up to you as never before!


Todd puntolillo

Sunday Sermonette – Spiritual Laws

Sunday Sermonette - Spiritual Laws

Welcome to your Sunday Sermonette
prepared by Rev Todd Puntolillo

Is prayer meant to be a session of begging?
Is God an old man in the sky that you want
to hear your cries and have compassion on you?
Does that feel right to you? It often works,
but there are higher ways to approach your Creator and Source.

God’s Laws provide for us, not our cries.
The Law of Cause and Effect gives us the opportunity to do things properly and have results that correspond. That is a Law from Our Creator and Source.

Another Law is The Law of Attraction that says our life evolves with our desires.
The higher the desire, the higher the experience that comes into our lives.

A tool for activating these Laws is Affirmations: Affirmations must always be positive. This tool is highly effective. Remember, these are not tools of the will. Force won’t get you where you want to be. Your declarations are meant to attune your thought to the frequency of the desired feeling and result. Expect to see changes. Never stop affirming!

Another great tool is visualization. What the mind sees, it believes and reproduces.
Picture every minute detail. Hold in your mind’s eye the joy; feel it, smell it, taste it. Open your heart to possibility and a miracle is on its way.

A word of caution: don’t overlook anything that is important to you. Don’t generalize. Don’t settle. You WILL manifest. Be sure you get what you really want. I have done this and have created the precise results I visualized, so I am not making idle promises.

THESE LAWS DO NOT SUPPORT GREED OR LUST! They support your highest and best only!

You, as a spiritual consciousness, are extremely powerful in your own experience and have the potential to influence the world by your consciousness, energy and presence.

It is very wrong to visualize or affirm for other people. That is meddling and will cause you the kind of problems that will send you back begging for help. Bless them and release them to a loving God, not a feisty, grumpy old man in the sky.
A higher recognition of the spirituality and eternality of God Consciousness will lift your experience dramatically!

Meditation stills the human mind and lets the Divine work through you. Life is not about willing things, it is about allowing God’s Laws to work through you!

My personal version of prayer is to write letters to my Divine Father-Mother and wait for the answers. This is asking and listening, and it seems to work exceptionally well for me when I quietly tune in.

I make it a point to ask for guidance rather than beg for a particular outcome. Remember that if you ask, answers will somehow come. They may come in dreams or flashes of brilliance, in visions, or just an inner knowing. It does not matter. Put time aside daily to ask and listen.

Trust that the Divine has more answers than you have questions. Raise your consciousness and energy and you’ll raise everything about your life and be a blessing to all who know you.

My blessings go with you!