Note the energetic light (flames) coming from this little boy whose photo I took in Bali!

Wisdom of an Old Fool – Who Am I?
Submitted by Wisdom of an Old Fool on September 30th, 2013
Category: Science

We are light beings with spiritual senses and infinite capabilities being distracted by the physical senses, which were only meant to be our tools.

Let me explain….

The way I see it, it’s all about energy. Ask your local physicist and he’ll tell you that the matter you call your body, is comprised of particles that equate to pluses and minuses or electrical charges.
It is energy, he will say, and energy can be changed but never destroyed.

Our life, our brain, and our planet are a series of electrical impulses manifested as radiation,
magnetism, polarity, light, and sound vibrations.
The Cosmic and Physical Laws that operate and hold the “material universe” together are gravity,
centrifugal force, inertia, adhesion, cohesion, etc. All of these are the result of polarity.

Defined in physical terms, polarity is pure potential; in metaphysical terms it is INFINITE POSSIBILITY.
What a great substance from which to form a universe!

It seems that the metaphysical has finally come to terms with the physical.
I hope that this has you all charged up. (Insert apology here for a bad pun.)

If you need more facts, consider this: The Russians developed a process whereby they could photograph
the energy field (aura) surrounding the body. They call the process Kirlian photography.
This energy field vibrates at a higher rate than the human body and is thereby differentiated.
Kirlian photos have shown a particular hand with a missing finger.
Although the physical finger is gone, the finger’s energy field is still intact—sort of like a radiant
blueprint of the original. This is more proof of the auric or energy body.

So now let’s gather the facts. There is a human body, comprised primarily of space and electrical impulses.
If “particles” were defined as matter, the accumulation of all the matter in a body, minus the empty space,
could be relocated to fit on the head of a pin!

Further, looking at the nucleus of an atom through an electron microscope, scientists can see through it.

Therefore, you can add to this “see-through body” an auric field that changes colors, size, shape, and
intensity according to the mental and emotional energy going on within the individual,
and we’re only starting to come up with a composite of what we are made of and how we really look.

Add the fact that we can actually feel someone staring at our back and we soon realize that we are
so more than a blob of matter with only limited physical senses.

From Todd Puntolillo’s Book,
“Yours–A Rich, Full Life!


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