Sermonette – A Creative Formula

Sermonette - A Creative Formula

Welcome to Tabernacle
Today’s sermonette from Rev Todd is about A Creative Formula

“Talent,” says Thoreau, “is created in silence;
but character, in the stream of life.”

Let’s talk about creating in silence and experiencing higher outcomes in our reality.

A number of years ago, my dream came true. I had been mentally fishing in my imaginary dream boat for years. Now, finally, I bought the real thing. She was shiny and new and had all the contraptions a mariner could wish for to find and catch those rambunctious, silvery, blue-plate specials I enjoy so much.

It didn’t take more than two or three trips, though, to realize that I had bought a tub. The freeboard was wrong, the floors were slick, and the draft was too deep.
I had waited and saved a lifetime (hopefully only half a lifetime) for my ship to come in, and when it showed up, it was the Hesperus.

After sleepless nights and pacing in the gloom, my thinking slowly evolved from what I should have bought to what I could do to create a new, improved dream boat.

The process moderated from being immobilized by discouragement to detached observation and acceptance of the moment.

What I did next worked so well that I recommend it to anyone who needs a creative solution to any problem.

First, I sat in silence and stilled my critical mind.
In this quieted state I began to write down what I wanted it to be versus what I actually had.

I realized that I didn’t have a problem, only an unanswered question.

In silence my answers came.

The mental images seemed radical and illogical, but I made drawings anyway, designing the perfect vessel for my purposes. The process continued for a few days as it evolved.

I don’t remember how I found Robby, but after a few phone calls and faxes, I was on a 550-mile round trip journey to have plastic surgery (or should I say fiberglass surgery) performed on my tub.

“Ouch!” He gasped, as I showed him the barge.

“I didn’t know you wanted me to saw a brand new boat in half!”
(Horizontally, of course.)

However, two weeks later, when I reappeared at his door, his wizardry and my ideas were one…

It was a sleek, mean, fishing machine like none other in the world, … and at an unbelievably reasonable price!

Consider meditation, visualization, and making “expectancy of good” your basis for creative thought. In this way we will surely create a better world…

…or a better boat, whichever comes first.


Now the ushers will collect your “likes.” Your contributions keep this pastorship afloat!

Todd Puntolillo


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