The Eight Wonders of the World

The Eight Wonders of the World

Photo is the Grand Canyon taken by me
quite a while ago…nothing has changed much ….

Today, the empire State building can no longer
be considered a world wonder as there have been
much more amazing buildings built.

I read an email about some other wonders of the world.
This made me think and I will list my greatest wonders of the world.
based upon this inspirational message I received with no author’s name.

1. Sight – The ability to see is one I’d never want to give up.
Anyway, if we “evolved” from cells, what created eyes with their abilities?

2- Hearing – Imagine communication at a distance or even self-preservation
without our hearing .

3- Smell and Taste are similar and necessary for survival. They can yield pleasure or warnings.

4- Touch – The ability to feel things is wondrous for our perceptions. Inventions couldn’t have happened
without this wondrous gift. It saves our lives over and over.

5-The Brain – What a great tool! It uses our senses and nervous system to compute information
for us so we can make our best choices. It stores information and sorts it—why it even puts
certain things together that we might see the correlation and make things!
(Caution: The brain is yours, it is not you, therefore the brain and its programs are a wonderful gift.)

6- An Infinite Universe – One that ever-expands, evolves and proves to us our relationship
to the One Mind that created and cares for us. The wonder of looking into a clear sky or
the deep sea shows us that the plan is so much more complicated and still organized than we
could ever imagine.

7- Love – Besides the desire to live — LIFE, nothing motivates us or touches us like love.
It brings people and creatures together, it heals pain, it blesses, it is the substance of all
life and creation, including the Universe! Nothing would exist without the substance of all
existence and wonder from a molecule to a galaxy.

8-LIfe! (This should be #1 but for the fact I wanted to build up to it.)
On a rock flying through space at astronomical speeds, came life.
This is so impossible–yet here we are. The sun is a ball of exploding gases. How can anything
so volatile be the stabilizer, for without the sun there would be no atmosphere, water,
or life on our planet. To believe we evolved from a rock into human life is like believing
the Empire State building could evolve from a pile of rocks–and then walk away.

NOTHING is created without Intelligence.

As I’ve said so many times before:
It takes 100 million miracles to occur just so that we can wake up each morning!

What do you consider a “World Wonder?”

Todd Puntolillo


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