Note the energetic light (flames) coming from this little boy whose photo I took in Bali!

Wisdom of an Old Fool – Who Am I?
Submitted by Wisdom of an Old Fool on September 30th, 2013
Category: Science

We are light beings with spiritual senses and infinite capabilities being distracted by the physical senses, which were only meant to be our tools.

Let me explain….

The way I see it, it’s all about energy. Ask your local physicist and he’ll tell you that the matter you call your body, is comprised of particles that equate to pluses and minuses or electrical charges.
It is energy, he will say, and energy can be changed but never destroyed.

Our life, our brain, and our planet are a series of electrical impulses manifested as radiation,
magnetism, polarity, light, and sound vibrations.
The Cosmic and Physical Laws that operate and hold the “material universe” together are gravity,
centrifugal force, inertia, adhesion, cohesion, etc. All of these are the result of polarity.

Defined in physical terms, polarity is pure potential; in metaphysical terms it is INFINITE POSSIBILITY.
What a great substance from which to form a universe!

It seems that the metaphysical has finally come to terms with the physical.
I hope that this has you all charged up. (Insert apology here for a bad pun.)

If you need more facts, consider this: The Russians developed a process whereby they could photograph
the energy field (aura) surrounding the body. They call the process Kirlian photography.
This energy field vibrates at a higher rate than the human body and is thereby differentiated.
Kirlian photos have shown a particular hand with a missing finger.
Although the physical finger is gone, the finger’s energy field is still intact—sort of like a radiant
blueprint of the original. This is more proof of the auric or energy body.

So now let’s gather the facts. There is a human body, comprised primarily of space and electrical impulses.
If “particles” were defined as matter, the accumulation of all the matter in a body, minus the empty space,
could be relocated to fit on the head of a pin!

Further, looking at the nucleus of an atom through an electron microscope, scientists can see through it.

Therefore, you can add to this “see-through body” an auric field that changes colors, size, shape, and
intensity according to the mental and emotional energy going on within the individual,
and we’re only starting to come up with a composite of what we are made of and how we really look.

Add the fact that we can actually feel someone staring at our back and we soon realize that we are
so more than a blob of matter with only limited physical senses.

From Todd Puntolillo’s Book,
“Yours–A Rich, Full Life!


Sermonette – A Creative Formula

Sermonette - A Creative Formula

Welcome to Bubblews.com Tabernacle
Today’s sermonette from Rev Todd is about A Creative Formula

“Talent,” says Thoreau, “is created in silence;
but character, in the stream of life.”

Let’s talk about creating in silence and experiencing higher outcomes in our reality.

A number of years ago, my dream came true. I had been mentally fishing in my imaginary dream boat for years. Now, finally, I bought the real thing. She was shiny and new and had all the contraptions a mariner could wish for to find and catch those rambunctious, silvery, blue-plate specials I enjoy so much.

It didn’t take more than two or three trips, though, to realize that I had bought a tub. The freeboard was wrong, the floors were slick, and the draft was too deep.
I had waited and saved a lifetime (hopefully only half a lifetime) for my ship to come in, and when it showed up, it was the Hesperus.

After sleepless nights and pacing in the gloom, my thinking slowly evolved from what I should have bought to what I could do to create a new, improved dream boat.

The process moderated from being immobilized by discouragement to detached observation and acceptance of the moment.

What I did next worked so well that I recommend it to anyone who needs a creative solution to any problem.

First, I sat in silence and stilled my critical mind.
In this quieted state I began to write down what I wanted it to be versus what I actually had.

I realized that I didn’t have a problem, only an unanswered question.

In silence my answers came.

The mental images seemed radical and illogical, but I made drawings anyway, designing the perfect vessel for my purposes. The process continued for a few days as it evolved.

I don’t remember how I found Robby, but after a few phone calls and faxes, I was on a 550-mile round trip journey to have plastic surgery (or should I say fiberglass surgery) performed on my tub.

“Ouch!” He gasped, as I showed him the barge.

“I didn’t know you wanted me to saw a brand new boat in half!”
(Horizontally, of course.)

However, two weeks later, when I reappeared at his door, his wizardry and my ideas were one…

It was a sleek, mean, fishing machine like none other in the world, … and at an unbelievably reasonable price!

Consider meditation, visualization, and making “expectancy of good” your basis for creative thought. In this way we will surely create a better world…

…or a better boat, whichever comes first.


Now the ushers will collect your “likes.” Your contributions keep this pastorship afloat!

Todd Puntolillo

The Eight Wonders of the World

The Eight Wonders of the World

Photo is the Grand Canyon taken by me
quite a while ago…nothing has changed much ….

Today, the empire State building can no longer
be considered a world wonder as there have been
much more amazing buildings built.

I read an email about some other wonders of the world.
This made me think and I will list my greatest wonders of the world.
based upon this inspirational message I received with no author’s name.

1. Sight – The ability to see is one I’d never want to give up.
Anyway, if we “evolved” from cells, what created eyes with their abilities?

2- Hearing – Imagine communication at a distance or even self-preservation
without our hearing .

3- Smell and Taste are similar and necessary for survival. They can yield pleasure or warnings.

4- Touch – The ability to feel things is wondrous for our perceptions. Inventions couldn’t have happened
without this wondrous gift. It saves our lives over and over.

5-The Brain – What a great tool! It uses our senses and nervous system to compute information
for us so we can make our best choices. It stores information and sorts it—why it even puts
certain things together that we might see the correlation and make things!
(Caution: The brain is yours, it is not you, therefore the brain and its programs are a wonderful gift.)

6- An Infinite Universe – One that ever-expands, evolves and proves to us our relationship
to the One Mind that created and cares for us. The wonder of looking into a clear sky or
the deep sea shows us that the plan is so much more complicated and still organized than we
could ever imagine.

7- Love – Besides the desire to live — LIFE, nothing motivates us or touches us like love.
It brings people and creatures together, it heals pain, it blesses, it is the substance of all
life and creation, including the Universe! Nothing would exist without the substance of all
existence and wonder from a molecule to a galaxy.

8-LIfe! (This should be #1 but for the fact I wanted to build up to it.)
On a rock flying through space at astronomical speeds, came life.
This is so impossible–yet here we are. The sun is a ball of exploding gases. How can anything
so volatile be the stabilizer, for without the sun there would be no atmosphere, water,
or life on our planet. To believe we evolved from a rock into human life is like believing
the Empire State building could evolve from a pile of rocks–and then walk away.

NOTHING is created without Intelligence.

As I’ve said so many times before:
It takes 100 million miracles to occur just so that we can wake up each morning!

What do you consider a “World Wonder?”

Todd Puntolillo

Tell Me Todrite – A Real Love Relationship

Tell Me Todrite - A Real Love Relationship

Tell Me Todrite is a Bubblews.com feature where Todd Puntolillo (Wisdom of an Old Fool) shares his life experience in an effort to answer questions for people who have “hit the wall” and need help “seeing the light.”

Tell Me Todrite,

I really love and appreciate my man for all kinds of reasons.
We also have a sweet romantic side.
The problem is, I don’t have the fireworks going off like I expected.
Still wondering

Dear Wonderer,

No Fireworks? Good for you! That means nothing is going to blow up in your face!

When it comes to real love, don’t settle. Raise the bar.
You are not making a mistake seeking something higher
than gratification of the physical senses as your basis for a life plan.

Nature will take care of the senses. But first, realize that there is nothing boring about peace and joy.

Peace simply frees one’s mind for future adventures of the soul!

Life always supports us when we pursue something higher.
I have not found many people willing to give up the drama long enough to believe this message. I watch them with their broken hearts refusing to give up on the excitement of the “knight in shining armor rescuing the princess so they can live happily ever after fantasy.”

No one explained to them that a fairy tale is not the same as reality.

Can people find happiness with one partner for a lifetime and also maintain the excitement? Although anything is possible, I have never seen that scenario occur and last.

I have, however, seen many happy couples who, through acceptance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, develop a love that grows through the years. The physical excitement moderates, but it can also last a long, long time.

As far as I have seen, that is as good as it gets.

Inner beauty and warm, happy feelings seem to me to be quite high on the scale of human experience.

Eternal sparks? I think not.
Fantasy never is as good as the real thing!

Todd Puntolillo

Learn from Nature

Did you ever watch an ant carrying something ten times his size in his mouth? The ant is on a mission. It is his purpose in life. He doesn’t question his fate. He is not aware that he is one of the smallest creatures on earth. He doesn’t waste his time with comparisons or self-pity.Included in his make up is everything he needs to be useful and successful.

His entire life is dedicated to the well-being of his community. This purpose drives him relentlessly. He knows who he is and the Power within him animates his existence. Perhaps we can learn from the ant. — Tp

Consider the acorn. It is a very small seed that is destined to be a giant oak tree. If you cut open an acorn you will not see a tiny tree inside, yet that is exactly what is there. In it is a blueprint of life and destiny’s imprint within it.

The acorn doesn’t aspire to be a redwood. It just unfolds powerfully despite life’s obstacles and uses the difficulty to develop strength, depth and outreach. This is our destiny too, whether we flow with it or not. Why not kick back and allow Life to amaze us by unfolding within us?

If per chance you were thinking it is much more glorious to be a redwood than an acorn, I assure you; in the larger scheme of things it is as majestic to be a toadstool as a redwood—as long as we are in alignment with our Source and Principle.

The destiny of the acorn is to be an oak tree that will grow powerfully, stretching out its branches and roots. Its potential is amazing! When just a flimsy seedling, it will grow around a rock to get its roots to water and its leaves to sunlight. As it grows in strength, the rock that once was a formidable obstacle is easily pushed aside by the powerful roots as they slowly move toward their most advantageous placement for the grounding, protection and nutrition of the whole tree and its environment.

We have a destiny and we are that destiny unfolding. It matters not how we fight it, the acorn will be an oak and we will be what we were meant to be. Either we resent it and suffer or surrender to it and blossom. 

The choice is within our grasp. 

Why do these so-called lesser creations do  naturally that which many of us fret about year after year? Does the tree doubt its destiny or its place in the universe? Does the ant give up when its home has been destroyed? No, the ant accepts “what is” and immediately goes to work doing what he knows best—restoring his community. Maybe it is time for us, the so-called dominators of our planet, to recognize the Power Within us!

At every juncture, whether we look into the ocean, observe the plants and creatures, study anatomy or gaze into a telescope, we see the microcosms and macrocosms of the Infinite One expressing as intelligence, love and wisdom.

Perhaps we spend too much energy cultivating doubt and fear and not enough effort on allowing trust and vision. 

It has been said in many ways, but the bottom line is (here comes a major mystical secret) …

You get what you FOCUS on! This is especially true if you add EMOTION to the equation!

Just as the person who focuses on illness gets more of the same, the reverse is also true. To focus on well-being brings health and serenity. Who focuses on unlimited good, abundance and delightful possibilities, breaks through limitations and finds a joyous, fulfilling life.

Acceptance doesn’t suggest that you are stuck and without options. It means we can accept and embrace the moment as a path to something higher.  We need also be careful not to pass up the moment, because…

This very moment is the only place we can ever live or create.

Now is the perfect time and place…unless we add worry, fear or stress to it … from somewhere outside of this moment.

“Yours—A rich, Full Life!


1 Yours Cover

Tell Me Todrite

Tell Me Todrite

I’ve begun a column where I answer questions.
Here is a sample of how I use common sense, metaphysics and psychology to help people find answers.

Tell Me Todrite:

Everywhere I go I am surrounded by idiots!
If I go to the supermarket, I find people who can’t function.
If I go to dinner, I find jerks waiting and in the kitchens.
How do we find peace in a world of morons?
Competent Guy – NYC

Dear Guy,
First of all, everyone is not thinking about your personal needs. It would be nice if everyone cleared their mind and focused only on what is important to you…
BUT…that isn’t going to happen.
So if you are upset because no one is doing what YOU want them to do….who is the one who needs to change his thinking?

I will agree that most people go through life without thinking about the consequences of their actions.
It is easiest to see on the highways and in traffic situations.
Selfishness reigns! This is sad, because …

Selfishness doesn’t serve anyone, not even the selfish person.

It is our job, in this lifetime, to get it right or suffer the consequences of negative or even hateful thinking.

The only correct mentality for a healthy mind is love and tolerance.

Most are too selfish to consider this path.
There are also those who talk like they think that way, but they can’t even tie their shoes.
Their words without a consciousness of wisdom and purpose, are just daydreams.

We might not change the world, but through love and sincerity we can change the one we have to live with 24 hours a day … ourselves.

THIS and this alone is our life’s task.

As more people see others living a wise, healthy life, they will be attracted to it.
Mostly people see Britney Spears, the Kardashians, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus and draw life conclusions from the rich, famous … and foolish.

This is how to waste your life.

Gratitude, Love, Wisdom, Kindness and Fearless pursuit of a higher way…THIS is the Path to a Rich, Full Life.

…or you can follow the losers and become one.

The process of opening one’s heart and surrendering to the Divine Spirit that dwells within us is truly magical!

Blessings on your path.

Todd Puntolillo