An Amazing Feng Shui Story!






I have collected crystals etc. for many years.
On of my favorites has been statues and pics of
Merlin the magician. (In times past spelled Merlyn.)

I had on my wall a great pic of two American Indians who looked like they were in love. I thought it to be good feng shui, but the love of my life eluded me.

One day I looked at the pic and realized that the lovers were looking in opposite directions. Just because they touched…well, it wasn’t enough and I ditched the pic! I kept my Merlin art as they represented support for the energy healings I was doing.

In 2006 I received a letter with a photo from an unknown woman 8000 miles away. How she found me was a wild web of misdirections with different intentions.

Today, I am married to this woman 6 years…Her name… MERLYN!

God’s honest truth!

Makes you think!

Todd Puntolillo


A Startling Reply!

A Startling Reply!

Very few care what is your highest sense of right…
or your highest truth.
I can’t imagine anything more interesting!

My buddies and I were chatting about the invasive
nature of Facebook and certain other social media.

One friend suggested that we be afraid.
Here is my response:

I ALWAYS feel safe…but it has nothing to do with the computer.
I don’t call it faith…though it might be…I call it “trust.”
Someone/something cares for me and makes my life just get better and better.

First I accept ‘what is”… This takes away anguish.

Next, I have/keep a minimal agenda, that is I don’t care what happens,
unless I am called from within to assist or otherwise participate.
That has included injuries and so called illness in my experience.

Most importantly, I am in touch with “Universal Love” … that is not romantic love,
but a general well wish for all life…and this consciousness serves me extremely well.

What I am learning with my writings or posts, is that few are like me
and most are afraid to let go of their chains…so they are prisoners of
their own beliefs, fears and doubts.

I prefer to love, trust, to forgive and to show up with a willing heart
as a basic theme for my life. The rest is about sharing my joy…which,
amazingly enough, appears to be a hard sell in today’s world.

My blessings to all of you, straight from my heart!

Todd Puntolillo

Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

Category: Health

Photo is Tya, the newest member of my little adopted family in Bali. Sweet and healthy!

People who post for Bubblews are very helpful with lots of health tips…foods, drinks, supplements and exercises to keep a healthy body. This is good.

Many of us have written about the benefits of Meditation. We make big statements about the benefits of a peaceful mind. meditation can change a frantic, suffering mind, into a kind and useful mind.

Never underestimate the body. It knows how to be healthy in spite of the junk we feed it.

In the case of hypothermia from extreme cold, it shuts down the flow of warm, life-giving oxygenated blood to the externals to keep the vitals warm. simultaneously it shuts down the digestive system that uses 80% of the body’s energy. As time passes, it shuts down the kidneys, pancreas, etc. leaving only the heart and brain to try to save.  After longer subjection to extreme cold, the brain is deprived of the warm blood flow and the person falls asleep, but the heart is kept pumping to the very last. Does that sound like intelligence?

It is a perfect proof of the wisdom of the body.

But there is a time when the body becomes so full of poisons created by hateful and resentful and hurtful thoughts that it suffers. The longer the body has to drag these awful thoughts around, the slower and less responsive it gets. Without the endorphins needed for energy, the cold mind puts the body into a different form of hypothermia, one where the only thing that can heal it is warm, loving thoughts. The cold, hateful thoughts continually shut down the body until the cold, cold heart is as dead as the cold, cold brain.

The tip:
Give up old resentful or hateful thoughts and be free and healthy. Ask this 70 year old writer, I assure you what I am saying is real. More important to a healthy body and life is a healthy and loving mind.

Todd Puntolillo

Here is a Wise / Scary / Funny Thought

Here is a Wise / Scary / Funny Thought
One of the important principles I remind people is that good people learn to love their enemies, the people who persecute them and revile them.  At least I read that in the Bible a million years ago…that or something just like it.

Realistically, there are lots of people we resent or hate or mildly dislike.
We have a long story about such people and as long as we clench our fists and hold onto the story…we suffer.

That’s right! WE make ourselves suffer by thinking about the very things we dislike and therefore drag them into our lives. It is great to blame others for our pain, but the truth is, they may say or do something that we choose to suffer for, but we don’t have to be sick over it forever. That choice is totally our own.

My gift to myself has been to learn to let go of the past and forgive others. I do this and thereby bless myself.
I promise you this is true…and very important for everyone to learn.

You might say, well Todd, I can give this a consideration, but why do you say it is a SCARY thought?

It is a scary thought because if you forgive your transgressors, that has to include politicians!

HA! I can hear groans coming all over the planet!

I think the problem with forgiving politicians is that they just keep coming at you and never go away!  We can vote for someone and learn to hate them within minutes of their being elected.

I make this suggestion: If when you think about a corrupt politician, don’t get hostile.  Let it go and forget them. Release them into the world of Karma.

Say your prayers and if you’re lucky, they’ll step out in front of your car one day
and you’ll have a momentary lapse of memory and forget where your brake pedal is.

OK, I am kidding, but believe me, take care not to fill your mind with anger and hate and your life will grow happier and happier.

The reverse is true as well. Hate someone enough and your youngest daughter will marry him!

Todd Puntolillo

Women and Their Shoes…and Purses!

Women and Their Shoes...and Purses!

Category: Humor

Friends I like my wife to look good.

I think they are innovating new shoes more than any other product in the world.

There is a good reason. THEY SELL!!!

My wife came from a jungle-like environment in the Philippines. She lived in a bamboo home with thatch roof and no electricity or running water. So she comes to the USA with two little suitcases. So explain to me why she bought a closet, assembled it herself and filled it with purses!

How many shoes does she have? I don’t know…she hides some, but I do trip on them every day.

A year ago, as fate would have it she went to the department store to get a job. Guess where they put her…well? Guess!


Merlyn is top salesman in Macy’s Ladies Shoes department.
Why? Because she is also their best customer!

But oh no, she isn’t the worst. She works with a woman who has some financial problems. She has been sick and her daughter too. She is a single parent. I helped her move into a furnished room. Guess what I found…well? Bags and bags of designer shoes!

Is that the worse part?

She has shoes in storage in two states! I guess the philosophy is: Money is temporary, but if you have enough, shoes are forever!

I have more shoes than most men. I have three pairs I seldom use, two pairs I often use and a pair of tennis shoes I wear 3 or 4 nights a week.

Not 60 pairs…not 100 pairs…not 600 pairs until I can’t pay my bills.

Ladies! Someone please explain. I just don’t understand.

If you can explain you’ll save me a big psychologist bill!

Now…go out and show off your pretty feet… AS IF those were the parts people look at!

Todd Puntolillo

What Have You Done with Your Life?

What Have You Done with Your Life?

WHO IS Todd Puntolillo?

I was thinking…

We get to know each other a little bit at a time as we express ourselves in our posts.

Perhaps it has been long enough of sniffing around and it is time to expose ourselves … Well maybe the word expose is too confusing … to unveil … no… divulge … still not it!

Never mind, here is a little about me:

Born in 1943 to an Italian/American soldier and his red-headed, freckled Texan beauty.  After the war we moved to NJ where I lived until I moved to Florida 26 years ago… a VERY good move for me!

After school I cleaned, painted, repaired and trucked very big, heavy printing presses and such. I’ve been married 3 times. The first for 13 years, the second for 19 years.

I found the love of my life in 2006 and we’ve been happily married since her arrival in 2007.

Professionally I’ve been a:
-machine mover
-equipment salesman
-business consultant
-author of 6 books
-Public Speaker
-massage therapist
-Energy Healer
-Singer/karaoke host  …  ALL FOR PAY!

Off The Books I was:
-a Sunday School teacher
-a playwright and producer for one successful show
-tennis player
-performed on the radio once and TV three times
-student of spirituality and metaphysics over 60 years.

I have lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, NJ, FL, California & Costa Rica

I have been in 3/4 of the USA except the NW states, Alaska and Hawaii (I still have time)

I have visited the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ireland, Japan, Philippines and Bali Indonesia.

Today I am retired at 70 after 52 years in the machinery business. I am REALLY happy to be retired now because I live with the love of my life and because I get to write all I want!

OK friends, now your turn!  Tell us about the real you!

By the way FRIENDS!

An amazing thing happened when I wrote this today. I thought it would be nice to share the REAL me rather than just the writer you know. Well, I made lists about where I’ve been, what I’ve done and more.  The point of it all is, once I did it…I was totally surprised at what I found. When I took inventory of my life, it was extremely interesting to ME, where I’ve been, what I’ve done etc.  The lists were truly an amazement!

Try it!  You’ll be surprised who you are, if you actually take inventory!

Todd Puntolillo

Life and Death!

Life and Death!

In this photo I am on a mountain in Sedona, AZ

I have had a number of exhilarating moments climbing mountain trails. So in 1999 on a trip to Bali, it was no surprise that I hiked Mt. Brattan.

I was hiking on the side of the mountain admiring the view of Lake Brattan from the mountainside when the path gave in. Within a fraction of a second, I was hanging off the side of the mountain…just dangling there. I have no recollection of seeking an edge and grabbing it…everything happened so fast! I’m 70 now, so I must have been 56 back then. I didn’t have time to panic because clearly I only had moments to get to safety while my strength held up. I don’t know how it happened exactly, but I did get back up onto the path …  of course or I couldn’t be writing this!

I always believed in a Divine Presence.
After placing my feet on firm ground, my faith was stronger than ever.
I could have been dead and no one would have missed me — except the people at the hotel waiting to be paid.

I realized a simply logical message about mountain climbing alone… “DON’T!”

I also realized that I was there seeking the Creators beauty and almost got to meet the “Guy” in person! (LOL)

I felt so powerful! Not because of who I was, but because of the connection available to all of us every moment of every day and under any and all circumstances.

I don’t talk much about faith, usually I say “trust.” The word TRUST suits me better than FAITH, which sometimes means believing without reason.
To me trust means KNOWING what you are depending on. Perhaps just symantics…maybe not.

Today’s post is about a growing faith / trust based upon Our Heavenly Source’s proofs of love for all of us.

Life is a wonderful gift! Believe me, I realized it that day!!!

Todd Puntolillo