Life is so complicated that most of us give up and just float along with the crowd, unthinking and without reason or rhyme in many cases.

K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Silly!

I can hear you saying to me, “Todd, you studied for over 60 years something most of us apparently never heard about.
How are we supposed to read a post and change our lives?

Let me make this simple. Either you want to be lazy and waste your life with inane pursuits, or you want to do something exceptional. IF YOU WANT MORE, read these few ideas. They can change your life in a heartbeat! This is not a pep talk.

These are spiritual, infinite and eternal ideas that are life-changing;

1- You get today what you thought about yesterday. If you don’t want more of what you have, change your thinking now and change your life for tomorrow.

2- Give up resentment and forgive everyone who ever hurt you. This takes courage and strength, but the reward is monumental. Actually they didn’t hurt you, you hurt you, they just triggered that reaction from you. Get over your past and you have cured 49% of all your problems! You have no problems from the past.

3- Don’t live in fear of the future. You say you don’t? What is worry if not fear of the future. How man people worry their lives away?
I hear you groaning, “What about the 10 percent?”
You can handle 10 per cent! Without the 90%, you’ll have the energy and capabilities to handle what problems come your way. AND don’t make a big deal about a problem. A problem is merely an unanswered question. It makes you think. Think, act and with good intentions, everything works out. With no fear of the future you have handled another 49% of your problems. No problems of the future.

4- Here and now. This is where you live, in the 2% of your life not associated with the past or future. Can you deal with right now?
You will have doubts if you are carrying the weight of the past or the fear of the future, but if you STAY IN THE HERE AND NOW, you can easily deal with the moment. If you are happy, flow with your happiness. It is the gift of God to be happy here and now.
If you feel uneasy, clear your fear with gratitude. List your gifts, your blessings, your friends, the love in your heart. Think about those you love and who love you. With a heart filled with gratitude your mood WILL SHIFT—POSITIVELY!

Isn’t it sad that I have answered all the “problems” for a lifetime and, of the millions this is available to, about three will actually read this through. Still, I am grateful to know this formula and to be able to share it.

1, 2, 3, 4…no more problems, just joy. Now it is yours. Will you share it? Will you live it?

Blessings to all of you!

Folks, you can ask me questions any time!

Todd Puntolillo
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Three Non-negotiable Principles

Three Non-negotiable Principles

When it comes to life’s most important matters,
I believe they can be boiled down
basically to 
three non-negotiable principles:

BEING GRATEFUL all day, every day.

FORGIVING everything from your past, 
starting with yourself for your mistakes and 
forgiving others for their behaviors.
(This means no judgment, complaint, labeling or criticism, just pure unconditional love)

SURRENDERING or letting go of every agenda and turning all your questions, problems and unknowns over to the Divine–totally, then releasing them.
(This will give you freedom and total trust.)

Until such time as I perfect this pathway…I will just keep reminding myself,

“I don’t mind anything.”

From: “Yours–A Rich, Full Life!
by Todd Puntolillo


One Path

One Path

One Path to Enlightenment

As we learn to love the Divine Creation,
we will realize that the Divine exists
within every bit of it.
To love the child, the creation, or oneself
is to love the Creator, who indwells everyone and everything.

Considering we need only adopt these three ideals…
-Love God
-Love your neighbor
-Love yourself
…to be totally in harmony with all of life, this practice is truly worthy of our effort.

This consciousness is what now drives my life and it can make anyone’s life totally meaningful.
This is the practice and discipline I spoke of in every concept taught in each of my books.
They can be discovered from every true mystical teacher who has ever existed.


-Don’t buy into the stories of others.

-Let go of your own stories.

-Trust the Divine.


-FORGIVE. Release the negative emotions attached to memories and current events.

-Detach from stereotypes and other’s opinions.

-Give up your agendas.

-Open your mind to accepting the moment.

-Observe all things as a third party.

-Take your ego out of the picture.

-When there is opportunity to judge or criticize, give up the need to do so.

-Label nothing or no one.

-Give up complaint.

-Confidently know that your ‘Heavenly Father’ knows what your needs are and has fulfilled them
BEFORE you even knew they existed.

-Feel the Divine Presence and share this Presence with the people who come to you for comfort.

Be at peace.
All is well, here and now.
You are blessed!
This is One Path to Enlightenment.

Todd Puntolillo

It is YOURS…Will you accept it?

It is YOURS...Will you accept it?

“You are never alone.

Joy is your birthright!

Serenity is your path.

You are alive! You are free!

You are Love expressed!”

This is a quote from my book, “Yours–A Rich, Full Life!”

Regardless of what you think, what your plans are and how you fill your head, this quote tells you about the life God gave you…the life that never can be taken from you!

When we hear beautiful thoughts like this one, we think:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if it were true.”

The reality is, the spiritual truth exists within you regardless whether you choose to live it or not.

Life is a series of choices and to believe in the love of God for you is just that–a choice.

The truth doesn’t change…your belief either allows it or doesn’t.

Will you look in the mirror of life and accept God’s love or will you reject it and yourself?

Believe me, this is what you are doing every day!

When you are happy, you are allowing God’s love to flow through you.

When you are sad, you are condemning yourself and most likely God at the same time.

Nothing stops God’s love…but you can shut the door on the happiness that could be yours.

What will you choose for yourself…and your loved ones?

Todd Puntolillo


228768661_1372192753Everyday I spend hours on Bubblews.
Bubblews pays me about $25/week
so you know I’m not doing it for the money.

Next there is WordPress IF my blog feels significant enough to save.

My best quote for the current column gets posted on Tumblrs.com.

Then my Bubblews posts get to be shared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

After missing my lunch and ending up having it at 4:00 PM or later while I write, my day goes quickly…but have I done anything?

My night often follows a similar pattern.

I get a lot of inspiration and try to share it during these sessions. But, let me ask you, am I just as addicted as the people who write what is on their plate and then
which color slippers they are wearing?

Am I a junkie or a creative artist sharing his work?

Suddenly it seems to be a question screaming in my face.
Any suggestions?
Any answers?
Am I really doing something or playing with my ego?

Todd Puntolillo

Writers Block and Skirting Religion

Writers Block & Skirting Religion

Raja asked about writer’s block.

Here was my response to him.

“I have a saying: If you can carry on a conversation, you can write a blog. All you are doing is imagining it is harder to think of something to write about, but if we were sitting in a room together you could talk all day and so could I. You’ve lived enough years to have a lot to say.

Life is a conversation with yourself. Simply let us in on the conversation.

Raja spoke of religion as a delicate subject…

As to religion…I’m wrong, but I say what I think. It can irritate extremists, but that’s their problem…

Most will agree that life is about seeking truth and living love.”

Of course, although I just explained all one needs to know about religion in this life in a phrase, I have studied it for 60+ years and could write about it another 60 or more.

Still, if you are not seeking “TRUTH” your religion has stifled you.

If your main objective is to LOVE ALL LIFE AND CREATION, you are on the only correct path.

If you constantly criticize and condemn or censure or invalidate others, you missed the boat…

Todd Puntolillo



Here I sit trying to catch my breath.
Just a few years ago my living came
 from a golden goose who would drop a gift 
on my doorstep, frequently enough for me to make  
a humble, but adequate living and feel good about myself.

Today, the goose has changed colors.
No more golden eggs, just some lavender flatulence…
A notion that leads to a poem, story or a quotable thought I post
that none can touch, but reaches a soul and flies over many spinning heads.
I thank all that is holy that my life is no longer about
the accumulation of copper, silver, paper or gold.
My life is about releasing the love in my heart,
searching the fears that hide in the shadows
being absorbed in the gratitude for all of Life’s gifts.

A few years back, I spent every free hour seeking
 special person to love and share my life.
My search led me to many crystal clear pools of water
with soon to be realized hardened mud or slime at the bottom
from broken hearts not allowing their secret fears
to be stirred…
left still fermenting and aging painfully.
My heart ached for them, but my soul didn’t cry out for them.

Then one day, after years of prayer, I finally surrendered.                                                  
Soon, an angel dropped down upon my table.
She was young, full of life and fascinated with me.
How did this happen?
There she sat eight thousand miles away with my address,
a pen, paper and a sweet heart full of magical dreams.

At first I laughed her to scorn — under my breath to be kind,
but still I listened to the young faun’s clear head and clean heart.
I was astonished…but to kill the fancied moment and free her from
 false hopes,              I told her all about my aged self and why an angel belongs
 only to a Prince
who could give her all that a child bride would hope.

You are wrong! She shot back at me…I don’t want day-dreams!
I want a man to love and care for only me…nothing more.

Alone and shaken to the core, I sat frozen in my deepest fear.
Only marriage could immigrate such an angel and only a life,
driven by love and Truth could share her soul.
I melted.
The barnacles began dropping off my weary soul, one by one.

Today, miraculously, the angel sleeps in my bed, sits at my table,
dances in my heart, because I learned to give up all stereotypes.
YES! I truly believe that GOOD always rises to the surface when summoned.
And in the final analysis, that which could never occur, happened.
Those things which looked, my whole life through,
that they could not…
those now, are my daily Truths.

I once wrote this in faith, but now I live it from the deepest part of my heart…

“In the Game of Life, who LOVES the most–WINS!”*

A special “Thank You” to Sreejit Poole whose poetry inspired me to allow this poem to rise from my heart.

*Last line quote is from “Yours–A Rich, Full Life!’

Todd Puntolillo
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