This could easily be the most important post you ever read!


 Everyone thinks they are above average and normal. Mathematics says half of them are wrong.

I am going to share a few thoughts that will tell you about how you are and how you can immediately be a happier, smarter and better person.

THE USUAL INDICATOR: How did we do in school?
This means very little! We all judge ourselves by how we did in school.
If you did well, that means you understood what SOMEONE ELSE thought
was important for you. Do you know what is important to you?
How many college grads still don’t know what they want?
They learned what others thought was important, not what meant something to them!

How many wives/mothers never got a chance to find out what they wanted from life because their fairy tale of marriage and children came right away and that was the end of their growth.

I dated women like that whose husbands tired of them and left.
They were boring and I didn’t waste time on them. They could
only talk about their terrible ex-husbands and their perfect children.
They had no lives…just a past.

NEXT: Are you happy?
If you’re not happy, you are mentally challenged!
There have to be 100 million miracles just for you to open your
eyes in the morning and you can’t find one thing to be grateful for.
That, my poor friend, is sad!

Here’s the good news:
This means you merely have to CHOOSE to look at life through new
lenses and you will be instantly healed of your illness!
LIFE is a BLESSING! Learn this and prosper, argue it and suffer!
End of that story!

WORK: Although not everyone has to work, those who do often
spend their days suffering through the drudgery. NOT necessary!
It doesn’t matter what the work is. I sold dirty, old, used machines
for 52 years and made great friends, helped lots of people and
developed a sense of pride and received respect.
It was NOT the job that mattered…IT WAS WHAT YOU BRING

IMPORTANT: We are here to develop an energy and consciousness.
The frequency of the energy makes us identifiable even from a
distance and our consciousness is what makes us who we are. (This is what we mean when we say she has good vibes.) Not enough people take the time to raise their consciousness. Even some church-goers will go on Sunday so someone else will tell them how to think.

INTEGRITY – What is integrity? The natural habit of doing what is right.
It means trading laziness or fear for the highest and best.
It is having honest and healthy opinions and WALKING YOUR TALK.

FEAR: You’ve been told that the opposite of fear is courage.
That is not the only truth. The opposite of fear is also LOVE.
We’ve all heard people say that they would die for a loved one.
What they are saying is that LOVE REMOVES EVERY WRONG MOTIVE!

ACCOUNTABILITY: Really you ask? This a major issue?
“Blame” is how we leave reality and hide in the shadows. It is VERY low level consciousness and prevents our growth.  Why do we blame others?
That makes us a victim. We imagine the victim is a good person.
The victim is someone who takes no accountability for their life.


When I found out I had cancer 25 years ago, I said to myself:
“Todd, if you are powerful enough to create this with your own
negative thinking, you are surely powerful enough to dismiss it.”

This experience changed my life! Today I am not afraid of life.
It is easier to trust God and live a free, full, and rich life (Like the title of my book).

We don’t need GUILT NOR SHAME because we never really live in the past.
We cannot undo our mistakes from the past, but we can learn to avoid repeating them, replacing them with sound possibilities.

Have NO FEAR OF THE FUTURE because the future doesn’t exist!
We are here, now… we are never in the future. We are never in the past.
Think about that!!!



Why am I happy? I don’t know if I am average, above average or below average…
because it doesn’t matter! All that matters in this life is that we live our lives with love in our hearts.

This is my final point for today. Complaint, blame, criticism, comparison,
judgment, condescending, censure, commiseration are all CRAP!
Their only purpose is to make others less than God’s perfect children of light.
These qualities perpetuate an illusion of a clumsy god who makes imperfect
people and punishes them for their stupidity.

Here is Jesus’ instruction to live a rich, full life – Matthew 22:35-37
Love the Lord Your God with all your heart soul and mind…AND…
Love your neighbor as YOURSELF!
My prayer is that you will read this post, share it and live it.

I promise you a lifetime of happiness if you will.

Love, light and blessings,

Todd Puntolillo
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I share here 3 rather mystical stories that all come together. As a result, they leave me in wonder about what is to be believed, understood or acted upon. I have taken the conservatve route because I don’t know how to press the issues even if I wanted to.
These all have to do with the Spiritual Connections.

In 1995 had a voice speak to me aloud in my car. I was stressing over my bad marriage and my lack of courage to end it. A man’s voice, loud and clear, said “You are to be commended…”

Before he could finish I screamed at him. (No, I didn’t see him, but it was a man’s voice.) I said, “Are you nuts? Don’t you see what is happening?”

It was such an inappropriate thing for him to say… FOR THAT MOMENT. Still, I kicked my butt many times thereafter for not listening a little longer. I’ve never heard a bodyless voice aloud like that again.

That story goes on. Two years later (1997) in Sedona, AZ, a psychic, Sakina Bluestar, told me about my past lives in ancient Egypt, as a Mayan, Blackfoot Indian, Lemeurian and star craft pilot.

I was bored. She could say that about ANYONE … there was no proof that this being was me or that Lemeuria exists or that there are starcraft pilots anywhere!  She then said my spirit guide wanted to speak to me. She told me a lot of nice things he said that felt good, but more importantly she started out like this, “He wants to tell you that YOU ARE TO BE COMMENDED on your work here…”


There’s more… 2 years later, in 1999, I received a drawing from someone in Australia, whom I never knew, with faces of my spirit guides from past lives. My friend’s mother sent it to me. She said spirit told her to give it to “Tracy’s friend the massage therapist.” That was me.

When I looked at it I found several past life characters from Sakina Bluestar’s reading. Look for yourself and see the Egyptian, Mayan, Indian and more…. WOW! It is a long way from Sedona to Australia!

My chiropractor (a psychic) told me in 1998 that I was connected as a spiritual energy source for two countries in the South Pacific.

I’d never been anywhere east of Jamaica. Then I started having dreams … including one that resembled a memory. A year later I went to Bali. In 2006, by a mysterious series of events, I received a letter from Merlyn, then a stranger, now my wife, who was working in Hong Kong, but was from the Philippines. THAT is a story too amazing to tell right now…but I will tell it sooner or later.

I am in contact with people in both countries on a regular basis … and right now, my Bubblews and Facebook posts are read by folks in Indonesia and the Philippines where membership is high.

At a talk I arranged as a fund raiser,  Kelly Kruzinga spoke on spiritualism and then said to the group that he was picking up on whom he thought was my mom. (She had passed about two years earlier.) He described her well, but he may have met her…I don’t know for sure. He described an action of her hands which I didn’t get then and there, but later, I realized that was how she scratched my back when I hugged her all the time. He told me she said she was very proud of me and that I had taken what she had taught me and had gone beyond that. It was definitely something my mom would have said if whe could talk to me. I don’t know how he would otherwise pick up on that relationship and conversation. It certainly seemed like he caught her essence both physically and mentally. I felt the connection as he spoke.

I wanted to share these stories with you so you could see that SOMETHING is going on, even if I don’t know “the rules” or nature of it all. Don’t write off anything as there might be valuable lessons or messages that are perfect to keep you on track in seeking only Truth.

Many blessings to all,

Todd Puntolillo
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All things are One.
There is creator and creation, One.
There is Life and Intelligence, One.
There is Love and Law, One.
There is black and white, One.
There is male and female, One.
There is Energy and Consciousness, One.
One Universe, One People
whose Source is the only One;
The All There Is.
Observe absolutes and relatives.
Absolutes are unseen and unchangeable.
Relatives are viewed physically,
Subject to our perceptions, and have their
Reality compromised by our belief systems.
Reality is so powerful that we
Need not subject that which is seen to the unseen,
For the unseen and the visible
are both real and indestructible.
Only the illusion dies.
The reality it symbolizes continues.
For now, both are necessary.
Release what used to be and open your mind
To the wonder of the presence of now.
What could be already is.
It awaits only our observation.

When Your World Suddenly Changes

 When Your World Suddenly Changes

Sunday Sermon by Rev. Todd

I have never used my Ministerial License until I signed in onto Bubblews.Inc. It seemed like the perfect time.

I have a Sunday Sermon here that I am sharing with you as well as my friends on Bubblews. I hope you find something in it to keep.

Welcome to Your WordPress Tabernacle
Rev. Todd at the pulpit.

Today’s Sermon is about a conversation I had with myself:

It seems that my life has become different from the way it was before.

I am no longer experiencing significant disappointments since I gave up my intense agendas.

I am no longer a victim because I gave up blaming others for my circumstances.

I learned not to judge others because I realized: “We can rise no higher than our lowest estimation of another.”

I no longer sabotaged myself by looking down on those who didn’t see life through my perspective.

I stopped trying to convince people that I was right—a complete waste of time!

I am clear that I live in a world of my own creation.

As I see it, our main task in this lifetime is to change the building blocks of our world from fear-based thoughts
to a consciousness of love, trust and forgiveness.

I had learned the gift of how to be wealthy regardless of apparent circumstances.

My thinking has been transformed.

For a while, however, I was troubled when I realized I lost many friends. My life is good, but so many of those I held dear have disappeared. I have, of course, a few new friends whom I truly appreciate, friends who are more supportive than the old friends–AND I have an incredible wife, one who understands and loves me as I am, but still I couldn’t understand why my world had to shatter first and why all these changes were necessary.

As I thought about those who have come into my life and gone from it I realized this: “It is all perfect.” Clearly, it was because my frequency had changed!

“Your frequency changed?” you ask.

We all have a frequency. When we leave the planet at the end of our days here, we don’t bring our material body,
we bring our energetic signature, imprint or frequency. These vibes, now and hereafter, are discernible by others;
and consequently, the people we attract into our lives are there because of a resonance of frequency with which
they are comfortable or even attracted. Raise or lower the frequency and a shift occurs.

For example, lower your frequency and you’ll be surrounded with people who are not intimidated by you.
Raise your frequency and people will either adore you for your growth or run from the brightness of the light
and head back to the imagined safety of the known—the past, where they can hide in the shadows.

We all need to move through changes. Life forces it and that’s how we all grow. I no longer feel abandoned. I feel blessed and expect the same to be true for those I loved who have gone their separate ways.

The Truth remains: We are all One, at all times, always! Neither you, nor I, nor they, are ever alone or separate.

We all have a perfect place in God’s Plan for us. If we trust this, it is always easier to smile and move forward.

Blessings to all of you as you become wiser, stronger and happier!


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Todd Puntolillo
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Are You Addicted?

Are You Addicted?

Post and Cartoon
by Todd Puntolillo

I’ve heard women say, “I am addicted to chocolate.”

Well honey, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
That, my dear lady, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Blaise Pascal said: “All of a man’s problems come from not being able to stay alone in a room by himself.”

We are addicts—ALL OF US!

I can tell you your addiction by what you do when you are alone, even for one minute! When people these days have to wait for a minute, they pick up the cell phone to fill the time. Many rush to a bottle, a cigarette or a drug. Others play on Facebook or Twitter. Few remain still and breathe in the peacefulness that stillness offers.

Yeah, you got me…I write. LOL

Yes, I know what people are thinking when I say this: If you expect me to stand around doing nothing, I’m not interested.

No, dear friend, my life is full, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to be quiet and feel the serenity, the energy of love surrounding me. What I have done successfully through my life has been to prioritize my values. We can all make a keen effort to be certain that our motives reflect love and that our activities are based upon our highest sense of kind and wholesome thought, not the need to be thought of as “right.” We can choose a path based upon “walking our talk.”

The heart of any successful program is its integrity.

Your life is about your priorities, and if someone values that which changes, dies, harms, or destroys above love-based ideals, he/she will always be poor, disappointed and frustrated! Gossip, criticism, judgmentalism, censure, ridicule, blame, complaint, worry, fear, and guilt, etc. are sure paths away from enlightenment, prosperity and peace.

Judgmentalism is a prison and an agenda is a death sentence!

Agendas bring failure consistently. The need to be in control guarantees failure. We don’t have to control time, people or circumstances. Loving intentions bring the results we seek.

Just to get a feel of it, take some time to be alone. Use that time to think of ways to make your loved ones happier, to bring the family closer together, to overcome resentments from the past and fears of the future, to come to terms with your Creator, to bless yourself and others. Then be still and listen. If you’re like me, and I know you are, you’d better have a pad and pen in your lap, because an influx of healing ideas will flow through you and your life will take on new meaning.

We benefit greatly from a willingness to learn a new way of thinking that produces miracles, rather than reverting to fear and failure.

Silence is a gift!

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By Todd Puntolillo

My Dad wanted me named after him, Sabino Salvatore Puntolillo.

My mama, a 17 year old, red headed, blue-eyed Texan girl was thinking about something more like Billy Bob….or Bobby Joe or something with her maiden name which was Todd.

 She told him, “I ain’t namin’ no son of mine SABINO!”

Pop said, “No, not Sabino, everyone calls me Sam, name him Sam.”

So in not so typical Texan/Italian style, the compromise was reached and I became…Billy Bob…no…rather,

Sammy Todd….Puntolillo!

I hid the “Sammy” for 6-1/2 decades and went by Todd … until I started collecting Social Security. The checks arrived addressed to Sammy Puntolillo. The bank wouldn’t cash them unless my name at the bank was Sammy.

Today in any doctors office or at the bank or Motor Vehicle Agency, etc… I am Sammy…Puntolillo.

The old man won out 20 years after he died.

My wife calls me Honey. I suspect she has forgotten my real name.

If you meet me on the street, PLEASE, just call me Todd.

Todd Puntolillo
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The New Inglish

The New Inglish

by Todd Puntolillo

Nobahde wihl pai uhtenshuhn ehnewai!

Don’t understand? You will in a minute!

English is a horrible language!
Tell me:
Q. Why is bird not spelled like word?

Q. Why does cough not sound like through,
thorough, thought, plough or rough?

A. Because the blasted Brits were weird!

Q. BUT, why don’t Americans use the metric system based upon the decimal system–(10s) which is like our monetary system? Simpler, right?

A. Because Americans are too lazy to learn something different. They use the British weights and measures with pounds based upon 8s, inches based on 12s, instead of meters, kilometers & grams etc.

OK, so we have an unnecessarily difficult language and we’re out of sync with the rest of the world. I know I can’t fix that…BUT…I can create a proper spelling English that no one will ever use…except me. I’m starting now and have no idea how long it will take to complete.


Ai = A, like in fate or cane
AH – When the sound is ah, as in father, car or fart
A – When the sound is like can, map, flat or apple

E = Seen, easy Pete, feat, realize
Eh = Her, pen, rest, Eric
No more silent Es unless I need it to differentiate

I = as in pipe, fight, silent, Ivan
IH = Fit, pill, swim (spelled swihm)

O – as in Oriole, boat, phone, motel
O – is ah as in plot, obvious and sounds exactly like father, so why is it different?

U – as in human, unanimous and urine

Uh – as in under, upward and fun

Q. Why am I doing this?
A. I’m just wasting my precious time! Because…

Nobahde wihl pai uhtenshuhn ehnewai!