Who Am I?


Who Am I?   by Todd Puntolillo

When I was a child my big question was “Who am I?” After awhile I realized that the answers I was getting were all too cynical for this peewee optimist. I still don’t have it all figured out, but perhaps you’d like a look at my findings.

The way I see it, it’s all about energy. Ask your local physicist and he’ll tell you that the matter you call your body is comprised of particles that equate to pluses and minuses or electrical charges. It is energy, he will say, and energy can be changed but never destroyed. Our life, our brain, and our planet are a series of electrical impulses manifested as radiation, magnetism, polarity, light, and sound vibrations. The Cosmic and Physical Laws that operate and hold the “material universe” together are gravity, centrifugal force, inertia, adhesion, cohesion, etc. All of these are the result of polarity. Defined in physical terms, polarity is pure potential; in metaphysical terms it is infinite possibility. What a great substance from which to form a universe! It seems that the metaphysical has finally come to terms with the physical. I hope that this has you all charged up. (Insert apology here for a bad pun.)

If you need more facts, consider this: The Russians developed a process whereby they could photograph the energy field (aura) surrounding the body. They call the process Kirlian photography. This energy field vibrates at a higher rate than the human body and is thereby differentiated. Kirlian photos have shown a particular hand with a missing finger. Although the physical finger is gone, the finger’s energy field is still intact—sort of like a radiant blueprint of the original. This is more proof of the auric or energy body.

So now let’s gather the facts. There is a human body comprised primarily of space and electrical impulses. If “particles” were defined as matter, the accumulation of all the matter in a body, minus the empty space, could be relocated to fit on the head of a pin. Further, looking at the nucleus of an atom through an electron microscope, scientists can see through it. 

Therefore, you can add to this “see-through body” an auric field that changes colors, size, shape, and intensity according to the mental and emotional energy going on within the individual, and we’re only starting to come up with a composite of what we are made of and how we really look.

Add the fact that we can actually feel someone staring at our back and we soon realize that we are so much more than a blob of matter with only limited physical senses.

We are light beings with spiritual senses and infinite capabilities being distracted by the physical senses, which were only meant to be our tools.

Let’s address the brain, that biological computer that regulates our autonomic nervous system, stores phenomenal amounts of memory, and sorts through it for answers to questions we pose. What an amazing tool! Even the best internationally known physicists can’t answer the next question: Who operates the brain? Deepak Chopra, author of several books including Quantum Healing and The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, says that the question remains unanswered in the field of science. My belief is that my brain works for me, but who is this me?

The next time you look in the mirror, instead of counting hairs, pounds, or wrinkles, pause and reflect (what else would you do in a mirror?) on who and what you really are.

Ask yourself: Am I a mind, or as Einstein suggested, an energy field connected to all the intelligence of the Universe, past, present and future? Am I creating my experience by making choices? Am I transporting myself in a wondrous, multicolored, etheric body?

Who I am is energy existing eternally in pure consciousness. 

That is also who you are too!



Who Are YOU?

Who Are YOU?

Photo I drew of My Mom
Della Mozelle Puntolillo
( 1926 – 2008 )

by Todd Puntolillo

Dear Realist, Tell me what is real. Then I’ll tell you stories that indicate things can be better. I’ll tell you of miracles that have positively transpired which you can’t allow yourself to believe in. Stay real so life can’t hurt you.

Dear Pessimist, You poor thing…life is cruel. Every corner has a problem too big for you. I just hope you can feed yourself, but honestly, that doesn’t look too promising.

Dear Pacifist, Wow, do you love peace! You’ll carry signs, have peaceful sit-ins and find lots of ways to confront those F*@#ing war-mongers you hate so much.

Dear Opportunist, congratulations on your great idea. Boy, you saw it when no one else did and jumped on it. Enjoy it! Just be careful you don’t run over anyone when you drive so fast to get there. Your joy is so fragile and your bubble can burst in a heartbeat.

Dear Optimist, I won’t discourage you. You see, in life, you get what you think about, what you are and what you expect. Even when things go wrong, you find something to be happy about. Never stop believing in Life!

Dear Friend, I trust you, I share my life and most secret thoughts with you. I will be there for you. If someday you or I will move away. We will miss each other, but never forget one another. If we have a reunion 25 years later, it will feel like yesterday as we re-start our conversations. You are a real gift in my life.

Dear lover, you have taken all my sadness and lonliness away and replaced it with love and caring; with tender touch and sweet words of love. You care for me and watch over me and nurture my emotional needs. I work for you, I dream only of you, I live for you! 
Thank you for coming into my life and bringing light to a dark place hidden within me.
I will love you forever!

Dear Mom, you were always there for me. You never did anything without considering how it impacted me. I cried with my head in your lap when I was a child confronted by some cruelty in life. You taught me to believe in myself and to have faith in Our Creator.
 No one can replace you. You hold a special place in my heart forever. I cried when you left this earth as I sat there holding your hand. I never forget your loving eyes.

The Gift

10M AZ MP sat

By Todd Puntolillo

My friend Nel is a woman whom I can never forget. She is bright, funny and very excited about energy work—a part of my life that is very important to me. It really pleased me that she was in tune with my work and liked to share the healing energies. She practiced Reiki and was a certified hypnotherapist. The problem was, she would disappear periodically, even when we had made plans. I would feel that it was a personal rebuff and stop calling her. Eventually we were back on the phone, but I was getting tired of the cycle.

One evening, while talking with my friend who teaches A Course in Miracles, Sudie told me that this lady was a “gift” in my life. “She is there to teach you forgiveness,” she said.

“Yikes!” said I. “Another teacher? Can’t someone just be a friend? Why do people need to upset me so that I can learn something?”

Sudie explained:

“Once you understand forgiveness, no one will need to teach it to you anymore.”

With a deep sigh, I agreed to go home and meditate on this subject. As I did, I realized that if, as I believe, love is too great a subject for humankind to grasp in totality, is not forgiveness an aspect of love, or maybe it could be called the practice of loving. Wouldn’t that make forgiveness similarly profound? It was time for greater insights into forgiveness.

There comes a time and place where we need to simply believe that these ideals exist and are attainable for every one of us. I concluded with the following thought:

The opposite of forgiveness is resentment. Resentment is always linked to suffering.

With this firmly in mind, I was prepared to face my meeting the next evening with the disappearing woman (assuming she showed up.) I was willing to practice forgiveness regardless of her behavior—so I wouldn’t need more lessons!

“What happened?” you ask. She asked me three times: “Can you forgive me?” In disbelief I returned the gift, “Yes,” I said.

I was willing to forgive, but really, I truly did not know how to forgive. I was practicing forgiveness—now I would need to live it. I realized that, for the first step, I must be WILLING to forgive. Look at the instant results! She and I have spent years being good friends.

I have since learned the joy of applying the power of forgiveness to overcome all kinds of hurt and resentment. We are all part of a beautiful, unfolding Universe. Why not look into the face of another and see the beauty that exists within, instead of focusing on the masks of personality and appearances? We need to consider how much love and compassion we are willing to impart. Are we willing to release and let go of the need to be a victim long enough to love and forgive others and ourselves? Is anyone really unforgivable? 

In a case that seems too difficult to forgive, we can begin by being willing to forgive. Is not forgiveness the act of letting go of the past and allowing ourselves to be grateful in the present moment—free of bitterness?

A bumper sticker read:  Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past.

Are you ready?


Acceptance of the Present

What a Beautiful World!

What a Beautiful World!

By Todd Puntolillo

You may or may not have heard of this expression: “Acceptance of what is.”

“What does it mean and why should I bother?” you may ask.

We have a million miracles that occur everyday just so that we can open our eyes and start our day every morning. The sun has to maintain a certain temperature or we all die. The sun is a ball of exploding gases. Is there a more volatile situation anywhere? Nevertheless, the sun shows over the horizon every morning and we get a sky full of stars to watch every night. Our food comes from the ground, our oxygen comes from trees that suck in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen and also from the general elements of our atmosphere. We have trees and sand that we use to build homes. Creatures abound, eathworms make the soil healthier for growing food, bees pollenate plants for their healthy reproduction. Nature, our planet and life itself are miraculous! We accept this, too often without notice, thanks or appreciation.

We have skills. All of us do certain things well. We accept this, far too often without gratitude or thanks. But then we have those things that occur in our lives that we don’t like…like poison ivy or loss of a loved one or failure in business or health problems. AHA! Now we notice something! “Life is hard” we say and moan and complain.

This is the point at which “ACCEPTANCE” is a gift. Acknowledge the problem, be grateful for what we can (it could have been worse) and look for a way to move in a positive direction through the moment.

Too many people pile past problems on their current problems and then complain and fear the future…

That kind of thinking takes you nowhere!

Here is where we work our way through it with acceptance, love and trust in a better outcome. With each improved thought we have a new tool we can use FOREVER, again and again, for lightening life’s burdens. Accumulate these tools and watch how powerful you become! Moan and groan and watch how helpless you become! Your choice.

The key is to start where you are and move forward. To remain stuck is a waste of your glorious life.

Be grateful and rejoice. You are free to live in this astounding world we call life!

My Karmic Strip! A Political Cartoon


Look at this “Kartoon” I drew!

Who me? Cynical?

Funny isn’t it? Think about this:

I encourage the sick and those who are hurting.
I pray for the disadvantaged.
I write books about the power of developing a life of wisdom and love.
I do humorous cartoons….

…But today, my cartoon is cynical.

The TRUTH is, politicians are disadvantaged. They have learned greed and selfishness,
lying and distorting the truth as a way of life, but with all my understanding and
refusal to judge people, here I stand…looking at the continuous, never-ending
deceit that comes from each and every government as “to be expected.”
BUT, in the United States of America, where I was taught the highest of ideals,
I watch ongoing theft, hatred and conniving as a way of life with disappointment.


Thank God you and I were given an honest and loving heart. You are truly blessed
if you can sleep at night knowing you don’t have to lie, cheat, steal or deceive.

If, per chance, you are in a situation where you feel you must do these things…
I beg you…GET OUT OF IT! Whatever it takes. You are being fear motivated andyou can change that mind-set. Take back your own mind and soul. It is all you truly have worth anything. Don’t let any fear take it away from you.

God Bless you! God Bless your country!
God Bless America!
Todd Puntolillo

Find Wisdom, Humor and Inspiration Wherever You Go

Guitar Man 2000

by Todd Puntolillo

Everyday we experience joy, inspiration,
fear, doubts and disappointment.
All of us…have this same experience.
Many grow wiser as a result of it.
Many find humor in life’s twists and turns.
A few find inspiration even from life’s failures.
Many get down on themselves and live with their heads down,
ashamed of their failures.

I am going to say something momentous, so don’t miss this point:

On any given day, anyone of us can be a genius or a fool.
That does not mean we will repeat the process the next day.
There are “A” students who can’t tie their shoes and failures
academically who can pull the engine or transmission out of
your car, fix them and put it all back correctly.
That’s right, academic failure, mechanical genius.
This principle holds true for everyone. We are all great at
something…something we love.

Sadly, some people don’t see their strengths, only their short-comings.
These people need to love, appreciate and trust deeply to find their
highest and best. IF they will do that, the world will change for them.
If they don’t acquire that little piece of wisdom, they will forever suffer.

I read a story in one of Dale Carnegie’s books of a man who was a failure.
A gypsy told him that in a prior lifetime he had been Napoleon Bonaparte,
the great Emperor of France. He believed her and became
an exceptional businessman.

Have faith in yourself. You are an unfinished work of art.
Soon you will see your value…IF YOU WILL SEEK IT.
Pursue your strengths forever and delight in the process.
Watch for moments of inspiration and cling to them.
Laugh at your misfortunes. They are not you. They are not yours.
Sweep them behind you and move forward!

Life is a gift! Live it with commitment and joy!

Todd Puntolillo
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