A New World

A New World

My Vision

I bring my vision to reality through the power of my word.
My word creates my truth and my vision is
a new order on planet earth.
My purpose is to live as a loving, trusting being of light.
I empower myself and others to create a global consciousness of love.
I see this long-awaited consciousness transforming
the former limited concepts of life into a new world
built upon infinite possibilities.
We can do this because this world exists in consciousness
and in Spiritual Truth. It is already pure and perfect.
Only the illusion needs to be dismissed.
I envision those whom I bless, by acts of recognition,
acceptance, gratitude, appreciation, love and forgiveness,
sharing these ideals and bringing this energy of thought
into their own community.
I foresee community after community networking,
growing, sharing and giving as a way of life.
When the point of critical mass is reached, and I expect it in my lifetime;

I perceive a quantum leap in world consciousness; a Universal Soul.
We will create a planet once again covered with
beautiful forests, clean air, and clear water.
No more poverty, blame, guilt, criticism or hatred.
We will then live unshackled in a spiritually conscious
environment with no harmful beliefs remaining that
could possibly inhibit this never-ending unfoldment.
The Brotherhood of all Life will be our only reality.

I acknowledge this vision as true, here and now!
It is done.

I suggest that you consider creating your own vision as you would desire to manifest your dreams. I ask that if you see fit, you might consider creating an intention that is in alignment with mine so that we may co-create light, peace, and fulfillment as a way of life for all mankind.

Todd Puntolillo

Todd Puntolillo has spent over 60 years studying, teaching, and practicing spiritual healing principles. He served as editor and inspirational columnist for The Happy Times Monthly, a fast growing, all-good-news newspaper in Florida for 12 years. Todd writes, teaches, and speaks on his Designing A Life Series about “The Dynamics of Energy and Consciousness” and The Mystical Secrets of Life. His writings provide and promote motivation, inspiration and regeneration of body, mind and spirit in a simple, practical manner. You can find his contributions in eight books, three of which are available as Kindles. He wrote five complete books, two Spanish translations and was a contributor in one more. You can find his writings on his website, on Amazon.com, and in online book stores all over the globe. Here is Todd’s website:  www.wisdom-and-healing.com


Judge and Jury


Life is what we make believe it is – nothing more.

We have spent our entire lives perceiving information, judging it, categorizing and filing it. Whether we sort laundry, file away last year’s tax records or plan a vacation, the process is the same.

We appear to be judgment-making robots. What’s more, we think we are right when, in fact, there are no absolutes. What exists can be categorized simply as that which works for us and that which does not—at this particular moment! Obviously, a good choice for you might easily be a bad choice for me. That doesn’t make you wrong or bad; nor does it make me right or good.

There are nearly  seven billion people living on this planet and yet no two people live in the same world!

I was having this conversation with an acquaintance as we sat in a restaurant. To demonstrate my point, I turned my head and looked at a man standing nearby, for no more than two seconds. I turned to her and said the man I looked at was tall, overweight, balding, had bad posture and was poorly dressed. Imagine if I had a full minute how long the list of “judgments” would have been! Was there really anything wrong with the man? No. He simply served as an example of the filters I wear—most of which were not even originated by me! All of the judgment I have just illustrated was not about him. It was totally about my adopted viewpoints!

In life we must make choices. The quality of our lives depends on these choices. It is important to be aware of the processes we use and the filters we have chosen. Judgment and comparison go hand in hand belittling people so that we can feel superior. We try in vain to save ourselves from the harsh criticism we are continuously giving ourselves and receiving from others.

Can you see that every minute of every day we are making up stories? 

Sometimes it isn’t even you making up your story! 

We adopt other people’s judgments as if we didn’t have enough! 

We can make wise choices without judging people based upon impressions from our past. Nothing is the same as anything else and it is a mistake to judge any person because we never have the whole story. Putting people or circumstances in a box so we can have an opinion doesn’t make us right; it makes us judgmental…and rather delusional. It is a big challenge, but let’s all keep our minds open and move toward that which supports us and our highest good without condemning what we don’t understand. The mindset of separation is an unfounded belief that leads to attack and chaos.

Compassion rules!